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Since 1984, Peter Sloan has allegedly begged William Shatner for a paternity test. The 59-year-old is still looking for answers, which has resulted in a lawsuit that could cost the Star Trek actor a staggering $170m.

Sloan, 59, was given up for adoption at 5 years old. In the lawsuit, he claims his mother, Canadian actress Kathy McNeil, confirmed she had had a fling with the actor and that she believed there was a possibility he was his father.

'He Lifted Me Up And Held Me In His Arms'

Talking to Entertainment Weekly, Sloan claimed he had done "a lot of research" and was convinced they were related. He also mentioned an encounter he had with the star in 1984. He claimed:

"I came out to California and met him in the trailer while he was shooting 'T.J. Hooker' and I explained my story to him. He asked, 'What is it that you want?' and I said, 'All I want is just to hold my father in my arms.' He started to cry, I started to cry, he lifted me up and held me in his arms."

Sloan also claims he has "begged" Shatner for a paternity test over the past 30 years, and on his personal website — having now adopted the Shatner surname — he shared a photograph from a meet and greet event in 2011.


'Everyone Looks Like Me'

According to The Telegraph, during a radio interview in January, Shatner was asked about Sloan's allegations, which he denied were true. He said:

"Well, everyone looks like me. He's apparently a lovely man who's in need of a father."

Now the pressure will be on the 85-year-old, who became a cultural icon for his role as Captain Kirk, to take a paternity test in an attempt to disprove the allegations, or face paying up the monumental legal fees.

Entertainment Weekly attempted to contact Shatner's legal team but have not received a response.

(Source: Paramount)
(Source: Paramount)

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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