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The fact that documentaries portray terrifying events that actually happened makes them the epitome of real life horror. Here are five examples to give you all the nightmares tonight:

1. 'The Cheshire Murders' (2013)

A young, well-to-do Connecticut family were murdered in a horrific home invasion back in 2007. The mother and the two daughters were raped and killed, while the father managed to somehow get away with his life. At the time, it was referred to as "possibly the most widely publicized crime in the state's history." This is the story.

2. 'Dreams Of A Life' (2011)

British woman Joyce Carol Vincent died in 2003 but her death bizarrely went unnoticed until three years later when her corpse was discovered laying there watching a TV that was still on. Dreams of a Life is a drama documentary based on the mysteries surrounding her harrowing death. Here's the trailer:

3. 'Confessions Of A Serial Killer: Jeffrey Dahmer' (1994)

In 1994, notorious mass murderer Jeffrey Dahmer conducted his only TV interview, which became the subject of this terrifying documentary. The deranged man raped and killed 17 young men while he was active and admitted to even eating some of them. Throughout the feature, the most horrifying aspect is definitely his restraint and calmness when discussing the reason behind his shocking actions.

4. 'The Imposter' (2012)

A bizarre documentary about a young man in Spain who claimed to be the missing 16-year-old son of a Texas family. The film includes heart-breaking interviews with members of the boy's grieving family, as well as shocking news footage.

5. 'Child Of Rage' (1992)

Perhaps the most unsettling documentary on this list is Child of Rage. The television movie introduced a youngster called Beth Thomas, a girl suffering from severe behavioral problems due to being sexually abused a child.

Watch the full documentary below:

Which documentary will you be watching first?


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