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It's been a mystery that has plagued mankind for decades: "What the hell was The Rock cooking?!" But now, after spending years troubling the greatest minds of our generation, we finally have the answer from the big man himself.

Before I dish up the hearty answer though, let's stuff a giant helping of nostalgia into our gobs with the video below:

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson used his Instagram account to show off his skills in the kitchen (and how hot he looks in a toque) in the image below:

Being the generous dude that he is, The Rock also used his caption to explain to his hungry audience what he has been skillfully rustling up in the kitchen all along, he wrote:

"Some people like bacon, some like grits, but everyone.. EVERYONE loves Rock's pancakes. "

Yep that's right, of course The Rock is cooking the sweet, sweet nectar that is PANCAKES. It's just perfect.

I'm so glad to put this troubling thought that has clearly been weighing on Conspiracy Keanu's mind to bed, rest easy tonight my sweet confused angel.

And if you're interested, The Rock's love of pancakes is so deep and true that he even has his own recipe for the breakfast of champions you can give a look HERE.

Does your life feel more meaningful now you know what The Rock is cooking?

(Source: Instagram)


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