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Any kid worth their salt will remember the wildly popular Nickelodeon show All That. Premiering in 1994, All That ran for 10 seasons before ending in 2005. The show gave birth to many famous faces through its run, but perhaps it's most famous star was the irresistibly cute Amanda Bynes.

Bynes has since moved on from her time on All That, carving out a successful acting career and today the 30-years-old is a fashion design student.

Amanda Bynes as a youngster
Amanda Bynes as a youngster

To celebrate Amanda Bynes's career, let's check out the highlights of her long career, and the recent advances in her mental health.

A (child) star is born

Born in 1986, Amanda Bynes is the youngest of three children to Lynn and Rick Bynes. It was shortly after attending a comedy camp in 1993 that Amanda started acting, first appearing in TV ads and stage shows before joining the cast of the Nickelodeon sketch comedy show All That in the third season.

Amanda was so popular on the network that she also frequently appeared on the show Figure it Out, and soon had her own TV show titled The Amanda Show, which ran for three seasons. During this time she also launched her film career, first appearing opposite Frankie Muniz in the 2002 comedy Big Fat Liar, followed by the lead role in 2003's What a Girl Wants.

For much of the mid-2000s Amanda Bynes owned the teen-comedy scene appearing in the TV series What I Like About You for four seasons alongside Jennie Garth, and movies Love Wrecked and She's the Man, with Hairspray and Sydney White both coming out in 2007.

But after so many successful shows and movies, Byne's career slowed down in '08 and '09 with smaller roles, followed by her last movie appearance in the 2010 comedy Easy A, which starred Emma Stone.

A series of set backs

After her last film in 2010, things went quiet on the Amanda Bynes front, but then in 2012 her private life became media fodder after she had a number of run ins with the law over a small period of time. Then, in November 2014, after a multitude of worrying tweets, hospitalizations and court appearances, Amanda Bynes confirmed that she was suffering from mental illness:

After her very public admission, Amanda then began the long road to recovery and managing her mental health, something which is difficult in the best of conditions, let alone when your life is under constant scrutiny.

The journey back to health

In order to sort out herself and her health first, Amanda largely retired her once very active Twitter account, and has been focused on projects outside of the acting world. As of October 2015 the former child star was reported to be once again taking classes as the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Irvine, California after first enrolling in 2014.

Amanda has always been vocal about her interest in fashion, and even teamed up with Steve & Barry's back in 2007 to create her own fashion line, which was unfortunately cut short when Steve & Barry's filed for bankruptcy. But these days it appears as though she's making strides to break out on her own in the fashion industry by first working her way through school.

Amanda's latest public announcement came in the form of a tweet on February 24, where she shared an image of her new, shorter haircut with fans. Though it was only a small insight into Bynes life, the star looked much happier and healthier than she had been for quite some time. With the celebrations of her 30th birthday this weekend, it really looks like Amanda Bynes is back on track!

Happy birthday Amanda, we hope 30 is as fab as possible!

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