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Steven Universe has gone on a hiatus since the fourth StevenBomb. The internet has gone wild when yesterday, it was announced that Steven Universe was renewed for season 5. Also, the show will premiere season 3 from June to August. Here are some facts about the news:

1) Log Date 7 15 2 is the last episode for the second season.

It wasn't confirmed that the episode is the last episode but earlier this day, Matt Burnett, a writer for the show, tweeted:

So we can consider that the spoilers (Alexandrite fighting Malachite and Lapis's return) is a spoiler for the third season.

2) Third Season: Summer of Steven

The third season will contain events revolving around Steven during summer, but it feels weird since during Nightmare Hospital, a year has passed; we went through Steven's birthday; and we've only seen one episode dedicated to summer: Mirror Gem.

So I guess you can say, school's out for summer?
So I guess you can say, school's out for summer?

3) Episode List for the season 3

During the summer of 2015, episode titles were posted on the Cartoon Network website. It wasn't in order and also, it wasn't confirmed to be upcoming episodes for Season 2. For now, we can assume that this titles are for the third season.

4) Early Confirmation

It was one or two years ago when Robert Sugar, father of Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar, confirmed the third season. He also revealed how many the episodes would be.

5) What Date?!

There is still no confirmed date, but HollywoodReporter was said to have learned of the date, saying in their article that SU will premiere on July 13. Let's hope this is typo (typo for June).

We know it put a frown on our faces when we were told that we will have to re-watch the same episodes this coming two months but let's all be patient.


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