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Benji Smith

Warning! - spoilers below if you've yet to see BvS!

Everyone is talking about Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Whether it be Afflecks superb turn as the Dark Knight, the many Easter eggs hiding in the shadows or what the film will lead to. One of the biggest topics is surrounding the appearance of the new meta-humans and what their appearance means for the Justice League movie.

Let us focus on one pivotal moment: Bruce's dream sequence. Among the hints and obvious signs to the arrival of Darkseid, one key but of dialogue stood out. Near the end, once Superman has de-cowled Bruce he exclaims:

"You took her from me!"

Who could this be? -Lois. Was Lois taken from Clark? Is Lois dead?! Is this all a dream or a vision of things to come?

We then jump to the first appearance (and awesome cameo) of Ezra Miller's The Flash.

This is the part everybody knows: Where The Flash encourages Bruce to "find them". But what else he says is intriguing:

"You were right about him. Find Lois. She is the key".

As Bruce is fearful of what Superman can do if he abused his power, is that what the flash is leaning to? My theory is perhaps the Justice League Part One will adapt the Injustice: Gods Among Us storyline. What if Lois is taken from Superman and in his darkest moment he aligns with Darkseid? As in Bruce's dream. As per The Flash's warning - "you were right about him"

The Flash then time jumps back to this point in BvS to warn Bruce that Lois is the key - save her and prevent Clark's evil turn.

With The Joker set to enter the DCEU in this summers Suicide Squad all the right characters will be set in place.

What do you reckon? Will the Justice League face Injustice?


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