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(Warning - mild SPOILERS for the next episode of DC and The CW's 'The Flash' can be found below, largely in image and video form. Proceed with whatever level of mild caution that suggests is wise...)

Now, while we've still got to wait a little under three weeks to aim our eye-holes at another brand new episode of DC and The CW's The Flash — the next one doesn't arrive until April 19 — that doesn't mean we've been abandoned to a cold, dark, Flash-less universe in the meantime.

Y'see, not only can we keep ourselves metaphorically warm with the shiny new trailer for the episode...

...but we can now also take a delightfully high quality look at the episode in the newly released promotional images below. What's more...

Zoom Totally Steals The Show In These New Images From 'The Flash'

Especially since the majority of the rest of the newly released official images feature...

Barry Stressing Out Over What To Do About Zoom

Barry And Cisco Planning What To Do About Zoom

Everyone Aiming Guns (Presumably) At Zoom...


Barry Giving Zoom Some Serious Side-Eye

And, of course...

Zoom Looking Nonchalant About The Whole Thing

What a glorious a-hole.

Anybody else now finding it even more difficult to face up to a three week wait for the next episode? Yup, us too.

What do you think?


Just how torturous is this three week wait?



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