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Fans of the original horror franchise Resident Evil will be happy to discover that a new CG movie that revolves around Leon Kennedy is currently in the works.

Today, we can reveal that we have received a few minor plot details, the official title — as well as our first look at our protagonist with his new ride.

What We Know

Marza Animation Planet, the Japanese studio behind this latest Resident Evil movie has announced that their next movie will be titled Resident Evil: Vendetta and plans to launch worldwide early in 2017.

The movie will revolve around everybody’s favorite rookie cop Leon S. Kennedy. Leon, who made his thumping series debut back in 1998 (Resident Evil 2), will take the lead in the fight against the infected.

Details also reveal that Leon will be ditching his beloved Jeep and will be taking more of a Daryl Dixon-type approach to the new movie. Leon’s new mode of transport will now be the new Ducati XDiavel motorcycle. So say goodbye to the jeans and hello to the leather — a lot of leather.

Resident Evil: Vendetta
Resident Evil: Vendetta

That’s right. Sega, who owns Marza, took the opportunity this week to announce one of their latest and rather more unexpected partnerships, with Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati. This new collaboration sees Leon decked in leather and straddling their latest zombie-romping crotch rocket.

In terms of plot, no major details have been released that relate to any particular story direction. However, we are told that Leon will be riding his new bike in some pretty high-octane situations and that the bike will play a pivotal role in the movie's grand finale.

What Is To Come?

With the little information given so far, we are unable to ascertain exactly what the heck will be going on in Resident Evil: Vendetta. But if history has taught us anything, we may see Vendetta picking up where Resident Evil 6 left off. This means that Vendetta could act as a welcome introduction to Resident Evil 7.

This will work in the vein that Resident Evil: Degeneration introduced Tricell Inc. into Resident Evil 5.

What we can be sure of, however, is that Resident Evil: Vendetta will have a rockin' story to it — with quality writers and directors including Makoto Fukami (Psycho-Pass), Takanori Tsujimoto (Ultraman X) and Takashi Shimizu (The Grudge) this horror epic promises to be terror-ific .

What do you want from this next 'Resident Evil' movie?

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