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Chewbacca, Rey, Finn, BB-8, Poe and Han Solo are six lifetime friends who have faced countless challenges together, creating stories that span a galaxy far, far away. But we definitely aren't in New York! Friends Awakens brings you two of the most popular franchises of all time in an unforgettable mashup. Take a look:

What a thrill to watch, right? 236 episodes seem to rush by like a spaceship in lightspeed when we talk about the worldwide known series from NBC — and George Lucas' space anthology is nothing less than unforgettable. When we mix them up, the feeling is a mix of excitement and nostalgia, but it's worth every frame of it. Watch, comment, like and share. This kind of thing does not happen all the time!





Han Solo


And Chewbacca

Don't miss it!

What's your favorite 'Friends' mashup video?


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