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'Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?'
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In case you missed it, Melissa Joan Hart dropped an absolute bombshell last week when she let slip that her iconic '90s TV shows Clarissa Explains It All and Sabrina, The Teenage Witch were in the running for a reboot. Late '90s kids like myself don't really remember Clarissa all that well and for that reason, I'm secretly hoping it's Sabrina that returns to our screens.

Many magical mysteries went down on that show over the years but there are actually a lot of secrets I bet you didn't know. Here are eight fascinating facts about the series.

1. The show was based on an Archie comic series

Sabrina Spellman's very first appearance was in an issue of Archie's Mad House that came out in 1962. The story was picked up by Showtime and turned into a TV movie in 1996 which acted as an unofficial pilot for what would become the ABC series. Every role excluding Sabrina and her best friend Jenny was recast for the series.

2. The set was overrun by cats

There were seven real cats, two animatronics and two stuffed animals on set at any one time for scenes with Salem. The toy cats were used for all of the scenes that were 'inappropriate' for the real cats.

3. Sabrina's address is an Easter Egg in itself

Sabrina's address, 113 Collins Road, is actually a reference to the 1966 series Dark Shadows, which featured witch Angelique Bouchard and a whole bunch of Gothic ghouls. The ZIP code for Sabrina's town of Westbridge, Massachusetts is 01970, which is actually the same ZIP code for the 'witch city' of Salem, Massachusetts.

4. There is a Turkish remake of the show called Acemi Cadi

A teenage girl, Ayşegül wakes up on her birthday to find out that her aunties Selda and Melda are really witches and her cat Duman can now talk. She is also attracted to a boy in her class, Selim, and has to contend with the popular group of girls at school. Sound familiar? The series aired from 2005-2007 and holds an IMDB rating of 3.5/10.

5. Sabrina wasn't really a teenager

We were deceived! Despite the show's title, Melissa Joan Hart was already 20 years old when the show premiered. According to Sabrina's driving license, she was born on 22 April 1981; Melissa Joan Hart's birthdate is April 18, 1976.

6. Her annoying cousin, Amanda is played by Melissa Joan Hart's sister, Emily

I knew they looked alike! Emily was the only guest star to appear in all seven seasons and she won two Young Artist Awards for her role.

7. Melissa Joan Hart was a stoned, drunk teenage witch

In her tell-all autobiography, 'Melissa Explains It All: Tales from My Abnormally Normal Life', Hart reveals how she got caught carrying sex toys through airport security one time, partied regularly with Tara Reid and experimented with weed, ecstasy, mushrooms and mescaline when she was filming Sabrina. She also took an underage Britney Spears to her first nightclub. What a badass!

8. Buffy could have been Sabrina?!

Sarah Michelle Gellar was the first choice for the part of Sabrina but turned it down in favour of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. In 2006, Gellar was approached again to play the teenager for a movie adaptation — even though she was approaching 30. The movie didn’t end up happening, but can you imagine if it did?! That would have been quite a combination.

Do you think Sarah Michelle Gellar would have made a good Sabrina?


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