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Back in 2012, Mythbusters did a whole episode dedicated to testing out stuff that happens in the Star Wars movies. Let's relive the glorious fusion of science and science fiction.

1. BUSTED: Dodging Stormtrooper Blaster Fire Is Not As Easy As Han Solo Makes It Look

Throughout the Star Wars movies, the heroes make it look downright easy to dodge those Stormtrooper lasers. But how easy would that really be?

Apparently, impossible.

Adam did some complicated calculations to make a gun that would replicate the speed and accuracy of a Stormtrooper gun, based on footage from all six (The Force Awakens wasn't out yet) movies. Neither he nor Jamie could ever make it out of the way in time.

2. CONFIRMED: It IS possible to do the twin carry while swinging across an open chasm.

The next time you're under fire from oncoming Stormtroopers and need to get yourself and a friend to safety on the other side of a yawning chasm, give the ol' grappling-hook-and-swing a try!

Source: YouTube. 'Death Star Chasm'
Source: YouTube. 'Death Star Chasm'

That's what Luke and Leia do in Episode V: A New Hope. With the help of Sophia Bush as the lovely Leia, Jamie put on his best Luke suit and proved that this is actually possible.

But you're better off if both of you are able to hold on tight. Just ask Dummy Leia, who didn't quite make it.

Check out the full clip here:

3. CONFIRMED: The Ewoks could have definitely smashed that AT-ST by swinging logs at it.

Ewoks may look cuddly, but they can be clever warriors when the Empire threatens. Those little guys smashed the crap out of an AT-ST in Return Of The Jedi, so Kari, Grant and Tory decided to test and see if that was possible.

Check out part of the scene from the Star Wars Special here:

The team ended up building a giant structure of telephone poles in order to swing the eucalyptus logs. First they crunched a passenger van, just to test their structure. Then they took a swing at an armored truck, pulling the logs back at 45 degree angles. The side panels of the truck were toast, and the team declared the Ewok Log Smash plausible.

4. CONFIRMED: Han could have kept Luke alive by sticking him in a Tauntaun carcass.

After The Revenant, climbing into a fresh animal carcass seems like the only logical way to save yourself from hypothermia. But at the time the Mythbusters did their Star Wars special, it was a question that still needed to be answered.

Watch the original clip from The Empire Strikes Back:

Han Solo invented the skeletal sleeping bag long before Leo, when he used a dead Tauntaun to save Luke from the blistering cold. In order to investigate this myth, Jamie and Adam reused the Jack dummy from the Titanic episode, since he had a heat regulating system and circulatory system like a human.

Source: Twitter: GelicityUK
Source: Twitter: GelicityUK

Next, they made a giant Tauntaun out of foam and synthetic skin and fur, and filled him with warm fake organs. Budgeting in 2.5 hours for Han's handiwork, by the end of the test, the dummy's core temp had only dropped from 95 °F/35 °C to 92 °F/33 °C, despite the freezing outside temperature of −40 °F/−40 °C.

You're welcome, Leo!


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What 'Star Wars' myth do you still want to see busted?

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