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With all due and everlasting respect to Melissa Joan Hart, one cannot deny that the best character in '90s TV classic Sabrina the Teenage Witch was her fabulous, feisty feline companion, Salem Saberhagen.

This majestic beast brimmed with sassy-ass quotes which are totally applicable to every day situations and thus should be used frequently and with the respect they deserve.

Here are 13 contextual examples of when you can apply a little Salem sass:

1. For when your junk needs more respect.

2. For when the diet starts tomorrow.

3. For when shit's about to get real.

4. For when life gets a little 'Jerry Maguire.'

5. For when guys need to shut up and pass you that sub.

6. For when teasers be teasin.'

7. For when you totally appreciate your own fetchness.

8. For when you literally cannot deal.

9. For when people are basic.

10. For when everyone needs to witness this fitness.

11. For when bitches better know.

12. For when you need to eat a cookie and stfu.

13. For when they don't have to, but really they do.

Which Salem quote will you use first?

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