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After years and years of waiting for The Walking Dead comic fans, the Season 6 finale finally brought that iconic Issue 100 to life in what has easily become one of the most harrowing scenes on TV ever.

Negan's introduction to the show was the stuff that comic fans dream of, and instantly it was clear that all the worry and panic that the TV series would ruin this powerful villain was for nothing. That iconic scene played out on screens very, very similarly to how it played out in Issue 100 of Robert Kirkman's comics, but there were some subtle differences. Take a look below to see just how closely The Walking Dead mirrored its source material.

Straight away it was obvious that the scene was going to be almost exactly the same as in the comics. However, there was one major difference: Negan's lack of swear words.

Despite AMC being a cable television network, they still have advertisers to please. While they famously allowed Breaking Bad one "fuck" per season, it doesn't seem as though The Walking Dead has that same allowance. However, fans of Negan's salty language needn't worry as the fucks will fly in the uncensored Blu-ray version of Season 6.

The scene progressed with more and more iconic lines being uttered by Jeffrey Dean Morgan as he absolutely crushed it in his debut scene.

But it wasn't just the lines that he copied word for word from the comics, he also perfected the gestures.

And it wasn't only Negan playing it close to the comic books, with Carl also mimicking his stern comic book counterpart pretty closely as well.

And then, after some careful thought by Negan, the scene we'd all been waiting to see finally played out before our eyes.

After some deliberation, Negan revealed his master plan to select a victim without bias.

And though it was harrowing to read in the comics, that was nothing compared to seeing it on screen:

All our beloved characters faced Lucille as Negan completed his rhyme.

And ultimately he picked his victim. However, unlike the comic series, the TV show chose to swap the camera to a point-of-view angle so we didn't get to see whose head was bashed in before the season ended.

But even without the reveal, the scene with its horrible crunching and splattering noises was totally horrific to hear.

Did this scene shock you more than you thought it would?


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