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With only a month to go until Captain America: Civil War is finally released, fans are gearing up for what is promising to be the most explosive and "controversial" event in the MCU's history. Considering the comic arc after which the film was named led to the death of more than a few much-loved heroes, many people are wondering whether the film will also feature the death of a major character.

We've had a few teasers about this, like the fact that there's at least one funeral scene in the film.

Team Cap leap into action.
Team Cap leap into action.

And in a recent interview with Extra, Chris Evans may have confirmed that not everyone makes it out of Civil War alive.

Death On The Battlefield

In the interview, Evans was asked what he was filming that day. And he may have revealed a vital plot point when describing the battle situation.

"Some walk out, some don't."
No-one's safety is guaranteed in Civil War.
No-one's safety is guaranteed in Civil War.

This definitely implies that one of the characters won't survive the fight, but which battle is Evans referring to?

From the costumes Scarlett Johansson and Anthony Mackie are wearing in the interview video, it looks like they're filming the scene where General Ross introduces the Sokovia Accord. However, Evans is wearing the same civilian costume as in the footage released a few weeks ago, which featured Steve Rogers going toe to toe with his old friend Bucky Barnes.

As this fight takes place early on in the film, it seems unlikely that this is what Evans is referring to when he mentions that not every character "walks out" of the battle. Evans is probably making a more general comment, and we've already had some teasers about which characters are likely not to survive the film.

Who Will Die?

The stakes are high for Civil War, and although it would be a dark turn for Marvel to kill off one of their main characters, it's not completely unlikely. After all, they've already teased the death or serious injury of James Rhodes in the trailers.

Rhodey could die in Civil War.
Rhodey could die in Civil War.

Because of the events of Civil War, Captain America later died in the Marvel comics, so Steve isn't safe either. Evans joked about this possibility in the interview.

"I'm being replaced! Chris Pine is the new Cap."

It's worth remembering that none of the characters have been officially confirmed for Avengers: Infinity War, so none of the heroes' survivals in Civil War are guaranteed.

And then of course there's Bucky Barnes, whose freedom is essentially being fought over in Civil War.

Bucky Barnes or the Winter Soldier?
Bucky Barnes or the Winter Soldier?

Considering Bucky was already apparently killed off in The First Avenger, it seems unlikely that the Russos would kill him again in Civil War. And yet, Steve's voiceover which begins the second trailer does suggest that Bucky's survival is tenuous.

"We try to save as many people as we can. Sometimes that doesn't mean everybody. But you don't give up."

As Steve says this line, we're shown Bucky as the Winter Soldier, hooked up to some kind of machine.

Of course, this could be just to create tension, but the suggestion is there that Bucky's safety isn't guaranteed either.

All in all, Civil War seems set to shatter our expectations, and that "controversial ending" has many fans concerned. As for who makes it out alive, or doesn't, we'll just have to wait to find out.

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