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You may not be a fan of Kevin Spacey. You may not be a fan of Robin Wright. And that's OK. But you should do yourself a favor, and check out House of Cards on Netflix.

If you haven't seen it yet, Spacey plays Frank Underwood, an underhanded and sneaky politician. This guy knows all to well how to play his enemies, as well as the press, to his advantage. Wright plays Claire Underwood, a supportive wife, turned embassador. The Underwoods are frightening, as they bring the stereotype politicians to life.

Underwood's exceeds stereotypes
Underwood's exceeds stereotypes

Playing the Democrats against Republicans is just part of the daily routine. Though discrediting reporters who discover what your up to, is a task they tackle with breakfast. One such person who learned too much, meet her fate by being pushed in front of an oncoming subway train.

Even a former US president who is a fan of House of Cards, has told Spacey, it's almost completely accurate.

And these things happened even before Underwood became president.

Now fast forward a few seasons, and the deals get shadier. Sending employees to meet people in dingy alleys or diners, so you cannot be connected. Arranging meetings about terrorist behavior, only to discuss sporting events.

Watching these things makes you shake your head, shake your fist, or may even make you want to leave the room. And the saddest part of it all is, these are not that far from reality.

Even a former US president who is a fan of House of Cards, has told Spacey, it's almost completely accurate.

Now in the latest season, the Underwoods are at risk to lose their seat of power. Their response to such a threat, is to cause such terror that the American people are too scared not to re-elect the Underwoods.

Not utilizing his authority to shield the people from a gruesome televised act is definately one way to terrorize the population, and incite a war.

Are you a fan? What are your thoughts on the latest season? Feel free to let us know.


Are you frightened that House of Cards may be more fact than fiction?


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