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Bereaved mom Janice Murphy discovered that fairy godmothers really do exist after she was comforted by a deeply compassionate character actor at Disney World after she learned of the tragic death of Murphy's newborn baby, Analiese.

Janice with Analiese's teddy bear
Janice with Analiese's teddy bear

Janice took a teddy bear containing her deceased daughter's ashes to the park in order to experience the special day she had always dreamed of having with her child in the only way she knew how. Murphy told People magazine that she decided to make the trip while her husband was attend military training exercises:

"While he was away, I spent four days at Disney World – I've loved it since I was a little girl. When we found out we were pregnant, we talked about going with Analiese in the fall in 2017. But since that didn't happen, I decided to take her along another way, with the teddy bear."

When Janice met the Fairy Godmother she asked about the story of the teddy bear and, after hearing the devastating reason Janice had bought the toy to the park, she responded with compassion that blew the grieving mom away. The character actor said:

"Oh, I'm so sorry. Can I give you a big hug?"

Before clasping the bear containing Analiese's ashes close to her heart in the snap below that went viral after Janice shared it on Facebook.

Janice was initially surprised that the image was shared so much, but she has embraced the publicity to raise awareness about infant death and bereavement, she explained:

"I was lucky to have a counselor to help me through the grieving process, but so many other parents don't have that. There are few counselors who do specifically what mine does, focusing on parents who have stillbirths or people who know their child is going to be born with genetic problems. So in Analiese's memory, I want to raise awareness."

Analiese was born with a rare genetic disorder named Distal Trisomy 10Q that caused her heart and kidneys were undeveloped, Janice relived the time she spent with her daughter and explained:

"Analiese lived only 85 minutes, but I'm so grateful that we had that precious time with her. My husband got the baby girl he wanted so badly – we just didn't get to keep her. It's the hardest thing we've ever had to do in our lives."
Janice and her husband Stefan with their daughter
Janice and her husband Stefan with their daughter

Although the publicity has surprised her, Janice explained she is overjoyed to be able to give other grieving parents hope, she wrote:

"I don't want anyone to feel alone. At some point in our lives, we could all use a fairy godmother."

The photographs of Janice's precious moments with her baby were taken by a volunteer for Now Lay Me Down To Sleep, please consider making a donation HERE to help them continue their wonderful work.

(Source: People)


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