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Ah, you think the comics are your ally? You merely adopted the movies. I was born with them, molded by them.
Greg Wainwright

I refuse to do a spoiler alert because if you don't know who is the Arrow grave by now, you have clearly not paid attention and need to be caught up.

In March 30th's episode of Arrow. We get more Laurel than we have at any point in three seasons confirming that she is about bite the arrow in next week's episode. I state my case below.

1. She is the least talked about possibility. "How many times will they kill off Canary" we all think. We ruled her out early and it was genius that the writer's have pushed her to the forefront after a season of being Speedy's buddy on team up missions.

2. Darhk is going to make good on his promise to Capt Lance. He threatens his daughters. Since Sara is trapped in the 1950s currently.. I am gonna say Ms. ADA is on the block.

3. Her and Oliver finally get closure! For three seasons I have been trying to figure out if Arrow would be true to the comics and see Laurel/Oliver live out the marriage that we have all become familiar with. I felt jipped in Smallville when GA married Chloe after an episode where he gets called out about some interesting emails between himself and canary. I digress.

4. Every time they kill someone, they get a redemption episode. Roy, Sara, Even Rhas. 3 things annoy me about the show. Sara dying every other episode, Felicity's lack of growth, and Laurel.. She has been the punching bag for 4 seasons now. They screwed her character up when the original tone for the show was CW highschool drama and never recovered. They redeemed it last night with her being the hero and taking center stage to keep Oliver going when he wants to sit and stew over his breakup. She knows him better than anyone and called him out. Loved it!

So in summary.. Andy "ace in the hole" Diggle will kill her next week when Team Arrow goes to stop some part of Genesis. John won't see it or believe it and it'll cause the drift between him and Oliver that we seem to see each season. Spartan V Arrow: Dawn of the Breakup is coming soon... After all.. they both love women named Sara.. Just saying.


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