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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is in theaters now. And while the the reviews for the movie vary, one thing is for sure...the movie is dark. And I don't mean the lighting. The movie has a dark theme throughout the movie. However that is what we have come to expect from a DC movie. But, when we here of a Marvel movie being, "dark", we are caught a bit off guard.

A new feature for Captain America: Civil War is the cover story of SFX Magazine, as they talk with directors Joe and Anthony Russo. Most of the story talks about how they're looking for a different emotional tone than anything that's come before in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

"Tonally, this is unlike any Marvel movie we've seen before," Joe Russo told the magazine. "It's certainly got more edge and, on an emotional level, darker things happen in this movie than people have experienced in other Marvel films."

So does that mean that Captain America: Civil War will have the exact same tone as Captain America: The Winter Soldier?

"In our own minds we always thought of The Winter Soldier as a political thriller, and we think of Civil War as a psychological thriller. So they're related in tone and texture, but there is a different central dynamic at work," Anthony Russo added.

Overall it will not be a movie that is completely dark and painful.

"So while there is an intensity to this and a psychological realism, in places it's also a much funnier movie than Winter Soldier. Hopefully we balance the movie properly so when you watch, it moves seamlessly between those tones."

As fans do you like this change in tone for the movie? Do you think that the movie should have stayed in its usual funny theme throughout the movie?

Well I guess we can never really know until the movie comes out. But it never hurt to wonder.

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