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Delvin Davis

"When you are super and fearless, you don't just get one trailer, but two in a week!"

Well I didn't say it, Batman said it! (No not the one who is pitted against a guy named Superman, but a much more cooler one who doesn't have time for all this crap)

Well Warner bros. released not one but two teasers in one single week, from the spin-off of the widely acclaimed 'Lego: The Movie'.

And it ain't surprising because a guy who is super and fearless at the same time deserves it!

I can undoubtedly say that the creators have surely hit the right note with these two spectacular teasers, and watching Will Arnett's Batman on screen was kinda refreshing because....well, you know...."Ben Affleck"....."Dawn of Justice"....remember anything?

In one word it was 'Hil-lar-io-us', and there wasn't a single second in which I wasn't laughing.

Especially it's take on the previous Batman movies, including the recent divisive 'Dawn Of Justice'.

P.S. Beware of of his ultimate reflexes, Alfred!

So do not miss on the teaser and watch it now:


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