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If your like me and your not a fan of guts and gore but you love horror, you just might be in luck. A new tv series titled " Them " is set to debut next summer. According to insiders close to the production, this will be "the next True Detective phenomenon". " Very few besides a couple of producers have read the script for the pilot episode. It's really good", says another insider. " It's almost like what if season 1 of True Detective continued ", are just some of the comments being said about the series. While not a lot of details are being released about the upcoming show, the potential destinations are being released. HBO, Netflix, and two other national and cable channels are being mentioned as a home. " This show could land on HBO for sure ". Some other small details have been mentioned as well. " The show will have multiple iconic slasher references and Easter eggs. A line in episode 1 makes mention of a man in a lake ". That has to be hinting towards Jason Voorhees. Don't get to excited as an insider says " you wont see him on camera or anything like that. But we do pay homage to a lot of iconic monsters in some way. But this is a little more realistic. ". The last piece of information may be the most important. Independent actor/writer Keon Hall will not only star as the Lead but also pen season 1. " This character is his own. He actually embodies everything he writes so it's pretty amazing what he will do ". If your not to familiar with the name, get used to hearing it as he is being dubbed as " the next big thing ", with not only his acting skills but as a writer. " He's excited and takes this very seriously. This role will make him undergo changes in his personal life to bring this role to life". Please be sure to keep checking for more information on this exciting new show!!!

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