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For the record, I'm not a vehement follower of the TV Show nor have I caught up with all the episodes of the predecessor seasons, but I love Game of Thrones for what it is and how it completely re-defined the genre.

Nevertheless, being not an ardent fan doesn't mean that you wouldn't be exposed to all the rife speculations and numerous fan theories that have doing their share of rounds on the internet.

Well when the internet seems to be exploding with such posts, it's quite obvious that you would eventually decide on reading one and me being no different stumbled upon a post about an hour ago: 'The five questions that 'Game of Thrones' Season 6 must answer'.

So with no further due, let's discuss those potential five ultimate questions:

1. Will Jon Snow come back to Life?

The most obvious question that the season has to offer an answer to is whether Jon Snow would come back to life. Analysis of the book, the show and the show's marketing proves that it is extremely likely this would happen, but in the end no one could be downright positive.

2. What Will Jon Snow Do Once He Knows His Heritage?

This question only comes into play if Jon Snow indeed is alive and returns to his own body and possibly even aware of his true parentage. What choices will Jon Snow make? Will he head south to save the remnants of the Stark family, as he wanted to do before his death? Will he march south to join Daenerys and become the second head of the dragon? Or will he stay with the Watch that rejected him, and try to lead them in the coming onslaught of the White Walkers?

3. Will Queen Cersei Lose Her Trial?

Well Queen Cersei's life is on stake as she has to face trials for committing adultery and if she loses, they'll kill her. Well that's as simple as that.

4. Will Daenerys Return To Westeros?

Daenerys has a khalasar again and she has even discovered her inner ruthlessness and she has also come to realize that peace isn't always the answer.

So whether Daenerys would bring order to a now chaotic kingdom or will she bring greater destruction than ever? Well, only season 6 can answer that.

5. Will The Wall Fall?

The most important question in season 6 has nothing to do with the southern politics, but it has to do with the wall and what lies north of it. The Night's King has begun his war and the only obstacle in the White Walkers' path is the Wall.

The wall cannot stand forever, sooner or later it has to fall.

Only GoT's season 6 can give the answers to the questions and only time will tell what's gonna happen.


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