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In a recent article we talked about how the Russo Brothers confirmed for us that the upcoming [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) movie, would be a darker movie, tonally, than any other movie in the MCU. To read that article click here.

Now given the fact that it will be darker, it leaves us all to wonder, "How will it be darker?" I mean, this is new territory that that the MCU is stepping into. So here are three ways that I think the movie will be darker.

Number One - Fewer Jokes

Avengers: Age of Ultron
Avengers: Age of Ultron

Obviously the first thing that needs to happen for this movie to be darker, is that it needs fewer jokes and quips. While it is fine and dandy for the movie to have jokes, too many jokes will take away from the darker theme. Of course there will still be jokes as Russo confirmed this. But hopefully (for the sake of the darker theme) the jokes are considerably less then the average Marvel movie.

Number Two - Tension between Black Panther and The Winter Soldier

Scene from Captain America: Civil War Trailer
Scene from Captain America: Civil War Trailer

This route is one that is up in the air. It can only make the movie if one thing has happened - Bucky has killed Black Panther's Father. The tension between Tony and Steve added to the tension between Bucky and Black Panther will increase the darkness of the movie. Of course this confrontation would not be the main focus of the movie, but it would still make for a darker mood.

Number Three - The Death of a Major Character

Civil War Comic
Civil War Comic

This will definitely set the tone for a darker theme. Nobody in the MCU that is major has died yet. The death of someone important would give the entire movie - and possibly the entire Marvel Universe - a darker vibe.

This however leads to another question. Who should die? Well there are two routes that Civil War can go in.

#1. They can kill Captain America

In the Civil War comic, while Captain America is being arrested, Red Skull has the Captain killed. This would lead nicely into another movie, that would show the Red Skull back in action.

#2 They Kill Rhodey

This one is not necessarily a huge death, but one that will definitely shake Tony Stark up. This death could set Tony on a darker path himself, being that Rhodey is Tony's best friend. This would also give the movie a darker vibe.

So these are my three ways that Captain America: Civil War could be darker. What do you guys think? Any other ways that this movie could live up to the dark side?

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