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After the box office bomb Fan4stic with negative reviews, many comic book and marvel fans wanted the rights of the first family superhero team to come back to Marvel. Today, their wish came true.

That's Right, Today, Marvel announced at an press event that one of the films in their Phase 4 slate of films will be an Fantastic Four reboot. They said:

"The Fantastic Four is an property we are excited to make. The movie will come out on July 10th, 2020"

Marvel also announced some casting of the film as well.

Justin Bieber as Mr Fantastic

On finding the right actor, Marvel said:

"Justin has an great voice and acting skills to play our Mr.Fantastic"

Justin Beiber has an 5 deal contract with Marvel Studios and will appear in both parts of "Avengers: Infinity War"

Taylor Swift as The Invisible Woman

On getting an Pop Star, Marvel said:

"Taylor has an great personality as Invisible Woman"

Taylor Swift has an 3 deal contract with Marvel Studios.

John Cena as The Thing

Being an wrestler, the studio said:

"John has great skills with acting and is pretty popular, so we want to get an popular wrestler to be our Thing"

John Cena has an 4 deal contract with Marvel Studios.

Miley Cyrus as the Human Torch

On why they choose an woman Human Torch, The studio said:

"Miley is an great choice for our Human Torch who is twins with the Invisible Woman"

Miley Cyrus singed an 5 picture deal and will sing the theme song "Be Fantastic"

Wait, this is to awful to be true....

Yea, If this really was the cast, this would be worse than Fan4stic. Sadly, Marvel has not got the rights back yet, but hopefully, they will and will make a better movie with an better cast.


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