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One of the highlights in the recently released Batman v Superman movie, something that most people, including myself agreed on was that Ben's performance as both Bruce Wayne and Batman is "THE" best Batman yet and best part of the movie.

With an inevitable Batman solo movie in the works, Ben Affleck's Batman will probably be one of the most badass movies of all time. What's also interesting about the Batman stories is not only because he's human with incredible skills and awesome gadgets, but the villains that he faces as well. After all, they are some of the most unique and interesting villains in comic book history. A great villain makes an even greater hero, and the challenges a villain has to offer pushes a hero beyond his limits to do whatever it takes to stop them, and Batman is one of those heroes who pushes himself beyond human limits. So I think with perfect casting, the Batman movies with Ben Affleck will be spectacular. But the question is, who could play Batman's iconic bad guys?

Here are my choices of who I think could go toe to toe with not only Ben's Bruce and brutal Batman, but also toe to toe with Ben's acting skills. Hope you enjoy!

1. Paul Dano as Jervis Tetch a.k.a MAD HATTER

Paul Dano is an actor that has a weird (in a good way) acting style. He's been in major movies such as Looper, Cowboys & Aliens, 12 years a Slave and Prisoners. But his performance that intrigued me the most is his character, or should I say characters, was in a movie called 'There Will Be Blood'. It was the first time I ever knew who Paul Dano was.

In that movie, he played two different roles, twin brothers, one was good, and the other was sort of bad. He delivered his parts amazingly well, so much so that he had me believe and thought that the characters were actually twin brothers in real life.

I believe Paul is a great actor, but I think due to him acting along side more popular actors outshines him from the spotlight, but if you put popularity aside and focus on his performance, then you'll probably see what I mean. The awkwardly quirkiness, weirdly interesting performance that Paul delivers in most of he's movies is why I think that he could take on a character who is one of the weirdest and interesting villain in Gotham.

2. Matt Damon as Thomas Elliot a.k.a HUSH

In the comics, Thomas Elliott was a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne, and in real life Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are real close buddies. The chemistry between Matt and Ben could really work and be believable on the big screen if they were in Thomas's and Bruce's characters. Maybe it's hard to picture Matt as Hush, but you know what, it was also hard to picture Ben as Bruce.

Hush is another crazy character with anger issues, and I've never seen Matt play that kind of character in a movie before. But there was a time on Jimmy Kimmel's late night show where Matt Kidnapped Jimmy so that he could host the show himself. I have to say, the part where Matt was talking to the camera and Jimmy Kimmel was tied up on a chair in the background was pretty scary and awesome even though it was meant to give the audience a laugh. If you haven't seen it, just search Matt Kidnaps Jimmy Kimmel. Matt could easily, without a doubt play this dangerous villain.

3. John Goodman as Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot a.k.a PENGUIN

John Goodman is an actor who has pretty much done it all. He's won tons of awards and has been in a lot of different films with different genres; from kids film, adult films, comedies, action, drama, thriller and even TV shows. He also starred along side Ben Affleck in 'Argo', and they worked really well together, so it wouldn't be a problem for them to work again as Bruce and Oswald. Penguin is a funny villain, but he can also be very scary and intimidating. In one of John Goodman's recent movie, '10 Lane Cloverfield', his performance was amazing, he played a funny cuddly old man that can also switch his character to a big scary intimidating looking old man.

4. Leonardo DiCaprio as Edward Nigma a.k.a THE RIDDLER

Now that Leo has finally got the Oscar award the he deserve and should've had a long time ago, I think he is now ready to take on something much different to the roles he's been doing, and if he flops because of his performance in a superhero movie, he won't have to worry because he's an Oscar winner. If Leo decides to join a superhero movie, I would love to see him take on the role of Edward Nigma. The way Leo talks, the way he acts is smart and thrilling. His performance in every movie that he's in and that I've seen is perfect. Leo has mostly played characters who are really smart and do all sorts of stuff to sort out a situation, and I know that he would definitely nailed the role as one of Batman's smartest foes, The Riddler.

5. Matt Dillon as Roman Sionis a.k.a BLACK MASK

There's something about Matt's voice when he talks - he has a bold, solid voice. I can just imagine if he screams and shouts in frustration and anger, which is one of Black Mask's issues, he would definitely sound like him. Not only does Matt has the voice but also his face, the human skull is a lot more defined on Matt Dillon's face, which is something that's relatable to the character because he wears a skull looking mask...get it?

Anyways, what about his acting, can he go toe to toe with Ben's acting skills?, I'm pretty sure he can, especially with a good director helping out. One of his performances that I really liked are the ones in 'Crash' and 'Takers', he's an awesome actor. The thing about Black Mask are his eyes, once he locks his eyes on know his gonna shoot you in the head, and Matt Dillon definitely has those eyes if he does an intimidating stare.

6. Joaquin Phoenix as Dr Jonathan Crane a.k.a SCARECROW

Joaquin Phoenix is one of my favorite actors of all time. I first saw Joaquin Phoenix in 'Gladiator' and man'o'man he was tremendously good in that movie. You know actors can be good in a role and terrible in another, sometimes it's the directors fault, but whatever movie Joaquin is in, he seems to ALWAYS nail his performing role at his best. Scarecrow is a weird, sick and scary character in the world of Batman, and weird, sick and scary is something that Joaquin Phoenix seems to be great at as an actor.

Honestly, I think Joaquin is brilliant when it comes to acting, and I think he is a good choice for any of the Batman villains, I just thought Scarecrow suits him. Just want to say that I got a bit disappointed that he never got the Lex part for Batman v Superman, but I hope he gets a role in the DC universe after all.

7. Tom Hardy as Harvey Dent a.k.a Two Face

One of Batman's ex allies. In the comics I believe acid was thrown on Harvey's face causing brain damage, turning him into a criminalized psychopath who uses his lucky coin to decide the fate of his victims. Tom Hardy almost played Rick Flag in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, but unfortunately he was shooting 'The Revernant' at the time due to set backs in shooting.

In the end, I think it was a good thing he didn't get the part of Rick Flag, Tom Hardy deserves a bigger one, and since I'm talking about Batman's villain, I recommend him to play two face. Two Face has two is Harvey and the other is just pure evil. Tom is a British actor who is really good at doing accents, and just astonishing in playing different characters. His Performance in 'Legend' is solid evidence that he could take on a two-faced role.

8. Charlize Theron as Selina Kyle a.k.a CATWOMAN

Ok, I know Catwoman isn't really a villain, but she is a thief (a complicated one) and as long as you commit a crime, to Batman, you're just another criminal that needs to be sorted. If there's one thing I could say about Charlize Theron, she's a total badass actress. She kicks ass in some of her movies and has gone toe to toe with some of our biggest stars in great action sequence like Will Smith in 'Hancock' and Tom Hardy in 'Mad Max: Fury Road'.

In her action movie 'Aeon Flux', she really moved like Catwoman, so I think if she used those movements while playing the flirty character of Selina Kyle, she could be the best Catwoman to date.

9. Jessica Chastain as Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley a.k.a POISON IVY

I remember a few years back, Jessica Chastain was rumored for the role of Iron Man's girlfriend, but she turned down the role because if she was gonna do a Superhero movie, she dosent want to be the girlfriend of the hero, she actually finds the idea of being in a superhero suit kicking ass much more fun.

Jessica totally has the looks of Pamela Lillian Isley a.k.a Poison Ivy. So the fact that she's fantasized by the whole superhero thing means she really deserves a role in a superhero movie, not as a normal supporting character, but as a character with a suit and powers ready to kick some ass. No need to worry on her acting skills cause we all know Jessica is a real talented actress. Poison Ivy would definitely the perfect role for her.

10. Bryan Cranston as Hugo Strange

Bryan Cranston was another actor who I was hoping to be Lex in Batman v Superman. His acting is incredibly intense and thrilling. Hugo Strange is not that well known to non-comic readers, so to describe him easily and quickly, two words: Evil genius. Hugo is a hell-bent psychologist and has an enormous knowledge with chemicals. He's scary, intimidating and, well... strange. With the character not so popular, Bryan Cranston can easily breathe life into it and bring its first live action debut. I believe Bryan Cranston's thrilling acting will definitely make this character a much more known one that people will become a fan of.

11. Jason Statham as Victor Fries a.k.a MR FREEZE

Today's technology is so much better than the '90s, so imagine a more badass looking Mr Freeze in a live action movie with Ben Affleck's Bat. It'll be so freaking cool. Mr Freeze is a not a villain, in my opinion, he's just a lost soul who lost his wife, not many men these days are loyal like Mr Freeze. All he wants is to bring back his wife from the dead, but because he's doing it in the wrong way, he can be assumed to be a villain.

Mr Freeze is a badass character with guns and cold heart, and Jason Statham is an actor that's good with guns and kills people cold heartedly in some of his movies. Jason also has that voice when he talks, he sounds like he's got the always getting the cold, get it?. But acting wise, Mr Freeze is an almost frozen character so I don't think we need a real professional actor to take on the role, but to still answer the question if he's acting is good enough for an emotional villain.... Hell yeah!!

12. Josh Hartnett as Jason Todd a.k.a RED HOOD

I know, I know, he's not a villain, but he was.... just in Batman's eyes, not to mine. For those of you who don't know who Red Hood is, he's the boy who became the second Robin, unfortunately he suffered a brutal beat down by The Joker to death... but he didn't die. He came back more pissed than Batman ever was.

Now Josh might be old to play the Red Hood, but if you think about it, Ben's Batman is an older Batman and to have a fully grown Red Hood makes sense. I've wanted Josh to play the very first live action Red Hood on the big screen next to Ben ever since he was announced as the new Batman. Those two worked very well together in Pearl Harbour, and I hope Ben calls him up to be the Red Hood if he does make a solo Bat film.

13. Nathan Jones as Bane

To be honest I can't think of anyone else that would be believable playing the role of Bane, the man who broke the Bat. No offense to Tom Hardy, his Bane was the best part of the 'Dark Knight Rises', it suited the grounded and realistic world Christopher Nolan created. But with Ben's new version of Batman, it's straight out of the comics. His Batman is so aggressive and brutal that you need someone who looks and acts twice as big. Nathan Jones is just a big dude with big muscles, and the guy is actually a good actor. In real life, Nathan is powerlifting champion, strongman and a retired professional wrestler, it makes him relatable to Bane in a way.

14. Joe Manganiello as Slade Wilson a.k.a DEATHSTROKE

Deathstroke isn't really a Batman villain, he's mostly a Teen Titan problem. But Deathstroke had come across Batman from time to time, and they both have some differences. Deathstroke is Batman's match when it comes to a straight-up, no weapons allowed street fight. But why, Joe Manganiello? Come on, who on earth dosen't want him for the part, I mean just look at him, there is no denying that he could well play the role.

Well that's it guys, hope you enjoyed. Let us know what you think of my choices, also, who would you want he or she to play? Let us know in that comments below, have a good one.


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