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Batman v Superman, has been getting a lot of hate, while at the same time some actually loved the movie. I finally was able to see the movie last night and I have to say that it was pretty good. However, that does not mean that it was without it's flaws. Some things worked in this movie, however, some other things did not work. But I always like to get started on a good note, so here is what I think did work.

Also this review contains spoilers for the movie.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - What Worked

#1 Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman was the literally the best thing in this movie. Gal Gadot portrayed her very well. Her fight scenes were amazing. There was one point in the movie (towards the end) where she had her lasso wrapped around Doomsday and she was trying to pull her down. That scene was so wonderfully put together, it looked like a scene straight from an animated film. The appearance of Wonder Woman surely made a lot of people excited for the solo movie next year.

#2 Batman


Another great character was Batman. Ben Affleck got the character down pack to the best of his ability and he did amazing. This Batman was almost as good as Christian Bale's Batman. The fight scenes, except for one (which we will talk about in a few) were amazing. There were two things about this Batman that I didn't like, but we will talk about that in the "What didn't work" section.

#3 The Flash Cameo Scene

The Flash
The Flash

In Batman v Superman, there were appearances of three future Justice League Members, The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg. However I think the cameo that not only worked in this movie, but set up the future for DC movies, was the Flash Cameo. He first appeared after the Knightmare sequence that Bruce had. After Bruce woke up is when The Flash appeared, and while some found it hard to understand what he was saying, I clearly was able to understand it.

"Bruce! Listen to me now! It's Lois, Lois Lane! She's the key! Am I too soon?! I'm too soon?! You were right about him! You've always been right! Fear him! Find us Bruce! Find us now!"

This scene and what The Flash said seemed to be setting up the Injustice Story line.

Injustice: God's Among Us
Injustice: God's Among Us

This story line of course is when the Joker tricks Superman into killing Lois Lane, and because of that Superman goes rogue. In the Flash Cameo, the flash makes reference to Lois Lane. Saying that she's "the key". And in Batman's Knigtmare sequence, Superman says to Batman, "She was my world, and you took her from me". This cameo I think was very important to the entire DCEU and the story they are trying to portray.

#4 Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor
Lex Luthor

When I first heard Jesse Eisenberg was playing Lex Luthor, I was nervous. Even when I saw him in the trailer I was still a bit skeptical. However he played LEx Luthor beautifully in this movie. He also gave a funnier light to a dark film.

#5 Visual Effects

Though Zack Snyder may not be a good storyteller, but he sure knows how to make some awesome visuals. There were a lot of good scenes, but the best ones came from Wonder Woman. When they were fighting Doomsday, and Wonder Woman leaped towards Doomsday, I started to cry a little. When she had her lasso wrapped around Doomsday, I was in awe at how good those scenes looked.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - What Didn't Work

#1 Doomsday

Doomsday was a failure in my opinion. It seemed like he was thrown together last minute, when you look at the picture, BvS Doomsday, looks nothing like the Real Doomsday. No words can describe how disappointed I was with Doomsday. But then again, this was the birth of Doomsday. If he ever comes back, then hopefully we will get a better looking Doomsday.

#2 Sappy Batman

Throughout most of the movie, Batman/Bruce Wayne had a hatred for Superman. He was willing to do anything to kill Superman. So the movie goes on and they fight. However at the end of the fight, Superman reveals that his mother "Martha" is kidnapped and they are going to kill her. So then Batman's ENTIRE outlook of Superman changes. He even refers to himself as Superman 's Friend. So just a few minutes ago you were about to stab Superman in the heart, and now because you and Superman's mom have the same name, you want to help him. Even at the end of the movie, at Superman's funeral, Bruce says:

"I failed him in life, I won't fail him in death."

Now Batman is acting like he has known Superman his whole life. It would have been better if Batman still had his suspicions about Superman. We should have seen Batman helping Superman, but still keeping his eye on him. Bruce made it so clear that he hated Superman, and then he quickly shifted his thoughts, which makes me wonder if Batman really hated Superman in the first place.

#3 Length of Movie

This movie was too long, period. I think that problem came in when they started trying to put too many stories in one movie. They had the death of Superman story line, possibly the Injustice story line, it was just too much. I think by removing some of the batman and focusing a little bit more on Wonder Woman, would have made for a much interesting story.

#4 Batman Killing

"I have one rule."

"Ohh, then that's the rule you'll have to break to know the truth."

Those lines are from the famous Dark Knight Movie. They talking about how Batman was going to have to break his rule to know the truth about Rachel and Harv - The point is, that Batman has one rule, that he rarely ever breaks, he doesn't kill. That is a very important trait to the Batman character.

So when I first heard that Batman was killing people in the movie, I was a little shocked. Then someone who saw an early screening, said the deaths that he brought were accidental. So then I was relieved. It makes sense that casualties would occur in Batman's line of work.

However, when I saw the movie, the deaths were no accident. In on scene he runs over a car and makes it flip numerous times, with people in the car! Then to make sure they were dead, he grapples on to the car with the Batmobile (which looked incredible by the way) and drags along the road as he drives. Then to make sure that we know the people in the car are dead, the car blows up!

In another scene, Batman is fighting all of these bad guys, and he constantly is shooting people with the gun. He even shot at a tank and blows up everyone in the same room. I think staying true to the character's no kill rule, would have drew people to the character more, which in turn would have made for a better movie.

#5 Batman versus Superman

Captain America: Civil War and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice are doing something that no comic book movie has ever done - good guys fighting good guys. And not just any good guys, Batman, Superman, Captain America and Iron Man are very important characters. The fight scenes between those big characters should be epic. Sad to say, in BvS the fight between Batman and Superman was average. The hype for this fight was big, however the actual fight turned in to a bore. It started with Superman coming to "talk" to Batman. Then as soon as Batman did not want to listen, Superman pushed him through a building. So then at that point I am thinking, alright now it is going to get good. However again I was sadly disappointed. Batman was doing most of the fighting, where as Superman, simply threw things around and shot some lasers. This scene was supposed to be the best scene of the movie. A better fight sequence between Batman and Superman would have sent the movie to another level.


Overall I think this movie was decent. I recommend anyone who is thinking about seeing it to go and see it. It won't waste your money. It definitely could have been better. I have heard some say it was better than the Dark Knight. To resolve that matter, it isn't. If I were to compare it:

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice = Iron Man 3

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - B+

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