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Director, Antonio Perez wrote his love letter to classic horror films like Halloween and An American Werewolf in London with his short film, Luna. Luna tells the story of a little girl who is trying to survive the night after watching her family be killed by a mysterious man. Perez plays well with the horror elements of the classic genre films. He goes for suspense over gore, off camera kills over showing the viewer every excruciating detail, and practical effects over CGI. It's an endearing short that reminds horror fans why they became fans of the genre.

Although the film is written and directed by Antonio Perez, The Collector's cinematographer, Brandon Cox is behind the camera producing great shots that make this movie a beauty and joy to watch. Luna was funded through Kickstarter, and went on to become Screamfest's 2013 Best Horror Short. So without further ado, click the video below, and enjoy Antonio Perez's short film Luna, and leave some feedback in the comments section below.


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