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I give Hulu a lot of credit for all that it has done within the past year. Netflix has forever been "the streaming service," but Hulu has recently begun taking the reigns as a serious contender when it comes to streaming. They've slowly been working towards gaining momentum through their original content, but recently there has been a huge spike with their opportunities to grab bigger celebrities. They had James Franco starring in their recent mini-series "11.22.63" and now they have Aaron Paul starring in their new series thriller "The Path."

"The Path" may seem confusing within the first episode titled "What the Fire Throws," they use an interesting structure to tell their story that comes off a little too scrambled to truly follow. However by the end of the episode, the audience members who paid attention throughout will have a clear understanding. I feel like this plays as symbolism towards the path that the characters within the show are following, it can be confusing until they reach the end and find out the truth behind their lives.

The story follows Eddie Lane, played by Aaron Paul, who is part of a religious cult, that refers to itself as the Meyerist Movement, and begins having...

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