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So First Id say this Article is going to be filled with me diving deep into the Movie and its Plot. Second I didnt love this movie after my first viewing, went in expecting some great Zack Snyder action and a "Batman vs Superman" story which is basically them in outfits in the same scene investigating each other, and then getting to the fight. I had mix feelings coming out thinking 'what the hell did i just watch' and 'the bvs fight and doomsday fight was just okayyy'.

I was questioning the second time going, but in all i thought it was a decent, weirdly cut movie. so i went in without the high expectations that i did the first time - funny enough the Story out shined the action.

third time, I was emotionally wrecked by the end of it.

So lets Go!

1. The Meaning of the Opening Sequence

So any movie-goer or fan can take this scene from any perspective, but here's mine.

Bruces fall represents his character falling deep into the darkness of Batman. Yet there is two things to keep note, him being helpless to do anything while his parents get murdered and the scene transitioning to him still falling - a combination of these two also plays back in his memory when watching The Superman destroy his FAMILY building.

Now there is two crucial points at the end of the Opening Montage, which comes back 1/2 way through the film and at the very end.

2. Louis Lane Story thread; Africa

Her scenes were met with alot of confusion, and some thought they were out of placed. Watching it a third time, it all works out to Lex Luthors plan. Lexs men had shoot down the gang, then purposely put a bullet in her booklet. So now here comes along a Superman ready to rescue her, yet he hasn't realized hes now part of the crime ,as the African woman explains in court.

Later in the movie Louis finally gets her answer to where the bullet is from which is Lex industries. So the only way Lex is able to get Superman to come to his feet, is through a little Lane called Louis.

3. Must there Be a Superman

This is one of my favourite montages on film, it has society questioning everything he does, to the point where he feels nothing but doubt for caring and saving their lives. He his a God in there eyes, horus, unreachable.

4. Batman and Supermans Moment

At the End of the Fight, Clark yells Martha to Bruce, in a final desperate cry to save his mother.

What happens next however is what connects the two. we go back to the opening where Bruce has already seen his Martha die, but now he has the chance to save her.

5. Rise to the light

The final Scene of the opening credits is the bats raising him up to the light; this shows the journey hes taken throughout the film and where his worst fear helps him out the Darkness.

So you see, whether you hate or like the film, there is alot to debate over, and i haven't even covered everything that puts the story into so much depth.

You cant have a 1st viewing experience to appreciate the artists that have worked on this movie.

I would argue the action in this film, isnt the strongest element like how it was with Man of Steel. The story stands out like a Ruby and will be remembered.


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