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Spoiler Alert: If you have not seen Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, I highly (if not gravely) suggest that you turn back now

Seriously, if you haven't seen BvS, go now.

Now, I hope that you are already caught up on the deal with Batman shooting up the place like a flying bat opposite of Marvel's Punisher. Well, not so much the "deal" but you know what I mean.

There's one thing that I've noticed since the release of BvS, aside from everyone complaining that the movie was utter shit or asking for Zach Snyder's head on a platter. A lot, if not most, of the Dark Knight's fans are upset with Batfleck breaking Batsy's "No Kill" rule. But I think I understand why the new Batman kills.

Zach Snyder called upon Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns" run on the Batman. However, in the highly decorated arc. The Justice League has been broken up for quite some time, Bruce has hung up his cape and cowl and the U.S. Government is fighting the Soviets with Superman. But of course, Gotham needs the Batman (always sounds better as "the Batman"). An old man by then, Bruce struggles with becoming the Dark Knight again. Eventually gaining a new Robin, Carrie Kelley. However, Bruce's method is more harsh and brutal. The Dark Knight Returns is one of the best story arcs, (no surprise with Frank Miller's work) but this is where we see Batman at his darkest. Batman breaks his one rule, his biggest rule, because of the death of Jason Todd by the insistent Joker.

However, not everyone has read The Dark Knight Returns and not everyone knows about Jason Todd's death. But to Bruce Wayne, Jason Todd's death was one of the hardest things the Batman has ever endured (Let's not forget that Batman has had his share of villains breaking him, literally and metaphorically).

Now, remember Zod leveling the Metropolis' Wayne Enterprises building? Well, Bruce sure as hell did. But there wasn't just Zod to blame on Mr. Wayne's behalf. Because after all this is what Bruce witnessed:

Now, being retired at the moment. I can't help but to feel the drive that follows Bruce's decision making after charging into the wake of devastation the last Kryptonians laid upon the world. I mean, shit, Bruce charges into the smoke and rubble of his former building to save his doomed employees.

Now, let's tally up the burdens that are pushing Bruce Wayne to become this cruel and unusual Batman:

1. After "A Death In The Family", Jason Todd's death is still rippling in "The Dark Knight Returns". Ending with Old Man Bruce killing the Joker once and for all.

2. Wayne Enterprises' Metropolis building crumbling to the ground with the majority of Bruce's employees and some old friends all within the building. All by the hands of Zod and leaving Superman with the rep. (Since Kal-El is the last Kryptonian standing)

3. Now, this isn't so much on the Batman. This is more on Zach Snyder. Drawing from Frank Miller's ingenious work. Zach possibly harnessed Batman's longest and hardest struggle. Zach Snyder encased the REAL broken heart of Old Man Bruce. The psychological aspect of the weathered and torn Batman. Because this is the Batman that does break. Frank Miller's Batman kills the Joker.

Now I know what you're saying, "This makes no sense at all." or "The Joker isn't dead." or "This guy is fucking full of it." Well, you might be right, on the Joker part, Jared Leto hasn't made his full appearance yet. But by judging the Batman that we saw in BvS, I believe that this harsh, cruel, and weathered Bruce Wayne does encase the very Batman Frank Miller created. This Batman is by far the best Batman we've seen yet on the big screen. Being a fan of the Bat, I was shocked at first by his killing spree. But after all the this Batman has gone through, I understand the psychological difference and the rage that has molded this Bruce Wayne.

Now we just play the waiting game, until the Director's Cut is released. (Hopefully we don't get another director's tantrum *looking at you Joss Whedon* and are stripped from our hopes of seeing a Director's Cut)


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