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Ah, you think the comics are your ally? You merely adopted the movies. I was born with them, molded by them.
Greg Wainwright

I was obsessed enough to buy pre midnight screening tickets for BvS. Money well spent. I am writing this to those who have seen the movie. People who have neglected to see it, you are missing out and deserve to read the following spoilers.

Ok, I did joke in the theater when we had to suffer through another rendition of the Wayne's being murdered. The pearls on the gun was cool, but the entire scene seemed slow motion (Ahem Zac Snyder). It was cool to see Neagan and Maggie get together after Neagan bashes Glenn's head in with baseball bat. Yes that was a Walking Dead reference and if you didn't get it, you need to really join us in the 21st century with these great comic book movies and shows. I will say the casting for the Wayne's was cool and left me drooling for a Flash Point Paradox movie. Can you see Jeff Dean Morgan as Batman and Lauren Cohan as joker?!?! I can! I am going to go through the characters 1 by 1 and give you the skinny.

Batman: *start slow clap* Benny boy pulled it off and we have batfleck! Brooding, weary, and doesn't give a shit about the no killing thing! This is a battled hardened Bruce and we get to see the tactician that Batman truly is! And that warehouse scene??? Put Daredevil's hallway scene to shame! Though it could've used a little less slo-mo (ZAC!!!) We saw a darkknight who had fallen into becoming what he fought against. He became judge, jury, and executioner. His bought with Supes has brought him back from the brink of ultimate darkness. Grade B+

Superman: Jipped of a true sequel, Henry Cavill reminded us that this version of Superman is NOT going to be a big blue boy scout. I like the edge and I love that he has learned from his mistakes in Man of Steel. Taking Doomsday into space to avoid destroying Metropolis again put to rest the outrage over Man of Steel and how much death came in the Zod Battle. Turning Batman into a good guy again shows he is the true leader of the Justice League.. Dead or Alive.. but he's totally alive. Grade B+

Wonder Woman: STOLE THE SHOW!! I am excited for the solo flick. Did anyone else notice Chris Pine in that old pic from 1918? Gal Gadot was casting gold and I said it from day 1. I became a fan of her from the Fast and Furious flicks. The woman is all sass and all class. She is going to be a force to be reckoned with when Darksied decides to pop in. Laughing when she cuts off Doomsday's arm shows the battle loving Wonder Woman we all know from the comics. Grade A+

Lex Luthor: It is taking me some time to digest, but I appreciate the different approach. I feel Darksied being inside his mind has made it so we have not met the true Lex. So I am withholding a grade until we see a non possessed Luthor. Grade TBD

Lois Lane: How many times does she need to be saved?????? This was the one thing I disliked about this film and the last. Lois's constant need to be saved by Supes.. nuff said Grade D-

JL to be Aquaman, Cyborg, Flash: Brick killed a guy with a trident! Jason Mamoa as the friend of fish is going to be badass. The mother box making Victor Stone into cyborg makes me feel the JL movie will be from the NEW 52 story line Justice League: WAR. Flash... ehh.. I need to hold off again. Barry Allen with a manbun = me really wishing Grant Gustin got the call. And the helmet thing in the Bruce vision? We shall see. We are gearing up for a personality clash next year when the rag tag team of batman recruits comes together next year. It should be a ride. Grade TBD

My overall impression was that I like the direction. Killing the man of steel leaves the unpowered Batman to recruit everyone for the Justice League. It is a tougher sell for them to follow a crazed mortal in a batsuit than an superpowered alien. Other than a few very nit picking things (why would Clark say his mom's name?) I love the movie and look forward to see what's next. People who are complaining about the over-the-head references need to pick up a comic. This was for the fans.

BvS:DoJ Grade- B+


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