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First of all, if I was casting spiderman/ Peter Parker, I'd look for someone who doesn't have an accent but has experience as the Wallcrawler. If you haven't guessed yet, he's going on 40.

Holland sucks as an option because 1 he's supposed to look old enough to play spider man; not the exact opposite (he sounds that way too) 2 I don't think that marvel would try to put pinnochio in civil war. This kid's nose is huge (no wonder he was cast to play someone who has his face behind a mask most of the time) 3 Okay, this is the second person in a row who had an accent. Peter Parker is a new yorker! 5 in the comics, Peter isn't 10 years old during civil war; ironically, he'd be in his 40s. Just like Tobey. Okay, when I made this, he was still 39, but time goes by. 6 Holland doesn't have a single movie that shows his background. Garfield has two, and Maguire has three. 7 once Marvel is done leasing spiderman, with Tom Holland as spiderman, we'd have 4 movie remakes within the past decade, while if Maguire was used, he may be able to move from marvel to Sony without a remake 8 There are plenty of garfield and Maguire fans who are still thinking "This guy? That's an insult!" 9 since Tobey is more likely to be able to fluctuate from studio to studio so Marvel could use him (possibly) in the next Avengers movie. So, are you willing to bring in the original, or give the newbie a shot? (Speaking Of Newbies, This Is My First Article I Made So, If It's not good, now you know why)


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