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What do Pokemon and pop stars have in common? You're about to find out. Put your hands together for today's installment of fan-generated visual awesomeness - your favorite recording artist royalty, given the Pokemon master treatment. May I present the re-imagined Elite Four, the dazzling trainers Beyonce, Rihanna, Sia and Adele, with their signature Pokemon types and strategies.

This showstopping mashup is all thanks to talented artist Bruno Alexander. You can check out a lot more clever and creative style at his blog and Instagram.

Now go! Your musical Pokemon adventure awaits!

Who run the world? Challenge her. Find out.
Who run the world? Challenge her. Find out.
Leader Beyoncé mains Fighting type Pokémon. She tries to show to the world the power and presence of women and how they are not the “weak” gender. Her main Pokémon is a Lopunny that will mega evolve in the middle of the battle! Prove yourself resistant and win the Alliance Badge.
Leader Rihanna mains Fire and Dark Pokémon! She will make you WORK a lot to get her ANTi Badge!
This is the Leader Sia, she mains Dark, Ghost and Psychic types. Good luck swinging with her Chandelure! Prove yourself Worth it and win the Wig Badge!
Leader Adele mains Normal Type Pokémon, her Wigglytuff will give you a hard time. Prove yourself worth it and obtain the Crying Badge!

Great stuff - funny idea, really great execution of the art style and cool to see the thought process. (They fit really well - wouldn't Wigglytuff know "Sing?")

Lastly, my usual disclaimer - as always, thank you so much for reading and please keep all commentary respectful. Remember that this talented artist is a human like you, giving us their creative work on their own time, for the love of the art. Rock on, and see you again real soon!


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