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When Buffy the Vampire Slayer hit the television in 1997 it surprised critics and audiences with it's incredible story and formidable cast. Over the course of seven seasons Buffy changed some of its cast members adding a couple of familiar faces that became part of the expanded Buffy-verse. Let's take a look at the extended members of the Scoobie Gang and see how much they have changed over the course of nineteen years! (You can read my post about the original Scoobie Gang here)

Eliza Dushku as Faith Lehane

Faith's character was introduced in the third season of the show. Buffy's brief death in Season 1 activated Kendra as the Chosen One and then when Kendra died, Faith took her place in line as the active Slayer. With Faith the rule that claimed there is "only one chosen Slayer" is broken, making her existence at the same time as Buffy a bit of a conflict. Her character was wild and violent; but she matured a great deal over the course of the show returning in the final season ready to listen and co-operate against the final big bad of the series.

Eliza hasn't stopped acting; she continued her career with the help of Buffy's mastermind, Joss Whedon. Their work together can be seen in the short-lived Dollhouse. Her other roles include shows such as True Calling and the movie Bring it On. If you are fan of Eliza you'll be able to see her in 2016 in the fourth and final season of the supernatural drama Banshee.

James Masters as Spike

Spike landed in Sunnydale by the second season of the show and after intermittent appearances he becomes a main character by the fourth season of Buffy. The blonde vampire became one of my favorite characters and in my perspective he had one of the strongest redemption and anti-hero story lines of the series. At first sadistic and evil, consumed by his passions; Spike falls in love with his mortal enemy, Buffy. Slowly he transforms into an ally of the Slayer and in the end chooses to sacrifice his life for the greater good.

As a character Spike is brought back to life for the final season of Angel. James continued his singing and acting career after Buffy and we've seen him in a variety of roles since his years as the platinum blonde vampire. Recently he appeared in the second season of Witches of East End and he's working on the pilot The Devil You Know. He's also been in shows like Supernatural and Hawaii Five–0.

Kristine Sutherland as Joyce Summers

Buffy's mother always wanted for her daughter to be safe and maybe someday for her to stop being the Slayer. At first unaware of Buffy's activities as the chosen one, Joyce discovered her daughter's destiny by the end of the second season. Over the course of the series it becomes clear that it is really hard for her to understand the responsibilities that Buffy has but she tries to support her daughter in every fight. Joyce sadly ends her participation on the show by season five after she's victim of a massive aneurysm. It is really hard for our heroes to accept that mortality is not always linked to the supernatural, and that there are some events that even magic can't change. Even when Kristine still acts her roles are very selective making her appearances in independent films such as The Perfect Wedding very special.

Michelle Trachtenberg as Dawn Summers

Season five changed the universe of Buffy with the introduction of a new character, Dawn Summers - Buffy's little sister. Originally Dawn was pure energy that could be use to open portals and travel dimensions, they Key. Because of the danger that it represents and the damage it could cause in the wrong hands, a group of monks transformed Dawn into a human and placed her under the protection of the Slayer. She remained an important part of Buffy until the end of the series.

Michelle was already a familiar face when she landed her role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the young actress was popular due to her roles in shows like Pete & Pete, Harriet the Spy, Clarissa Explains it All. After Buffy she carried on with roles in shows like Love Bites, Weeds, Gossip Girl and Sleepy Hollow.

Emma Caulfield as Anya Jenkins

Anyanka first appeared in season three of Buffy the Vampire Slayer as a vengeance demon who grants wishes to broken-hearted women. After a nasty breakup between Xander and Cordelia, Anya grants her a wish that creates an alternative reality. When her spell is broken Anya looses her powers everything is turned back to normal. At first Anya tries recover he demonic powers, but gives up on that life when she falls in love with Xander, sadly their relationship ends by season six. The ex-demon remains a main character until she dies in the last episode of the series.

Emma on the other hand has continued her career acting in a variety of roles that include films such as Darkness Falls and TIMER, and television shows such as Private Practice, Once Upon A Time, and Supergirl. The acress is expecting her first child and is due later this 2016. Congratulations Emma!

Seth Green as Oz

Daniel Osbourne, better known as Oz, was introduced on the second season of the show and after he became romantically involved with Willow. Their relationship was strained by the fact that he was a Werewolf and in season four he leaves town in order to find a cure for his "problem". He was still a recurring character appearing in other counted episodes of the series, including episodes in Angel. Oz was very stoic, always very calm in the face of the demonic events surrounding the gang.

Seth Green left the Buffy-verse to expand his career to film and during the early 2000s he participated in over ten films. The actor is always busy, when he's not making special appearances in television shows (like his brief cameo in How I Meet Your Mother) or films, he voices animated characters such as Rocket Raccoon in the Avengers Assemble cartoon.

Amber Benson as Tara Maclay

Tara was introduced in the fourth season of the series, she was a witch who helped Willow discover her inner powers. Tara and Willow not only tapped together into the magical and mystical Wicca forces, they discovered powerful and pure love when they fell for each other. Initially a guest star on the show Tara appeared almost in every episode of season five and six; her death at the hands of a human villain pushed Willow towards a spiral of vengeance that is known as the "Dark Willow" arc. Amber has continued working in several television shows, including appearances in Supernatural, Private Practice, Grey's Anatomy, Ringer and Husbands.

This concludes the most beloved cast members of the televised series, all cheered by the fandom and some still recurring in the comic book series that followed the seventh season of Buffy.

Which one was your favorite character? Do you think they could still make a reunion series? I know I would love to see that! Sound off in the comments.


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