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What with 2016 being the year of superheros, I felt its time to look back at some of those films that dont get the recognition they deserve, a majority of these films have recieved negative reviews and alot of you might not agree with me and thats okay but this is what I think so lets look at some films that dont exactly get the girl.

1 : spiderman 3

This is one example of a underated movie and I think i know why we all know actor topher grace ruined one of the most iconic and most popular anti-heros of marvel but in someways the movie was good (minus the gothic tune and danceing scene's) it was a pretty good movie with amazing (pun intended) action secuences and the film didnt receive negative reviews with a 65% score on rotten tomato's.

2 : ghost rider

This is another example of a movie with an iconic anti-hero that most think has been ruined by an actor but i for one think nicholas cage did a pretty good job as ghost rider. With pretty cool special effects and action secenes this movie should have been treated better all it needs was a director like tim burton or something and maybe someone little less ridiculous than nicholas cage with his screaming butt and lets not forget one of the most badass motorcycle's to ever be shown in a movie.

3 : X-men the last stand

This film is an example of a trilogy that has went wrong in its third installment alot of people blame Brett Ratner for ruining the x-men franchise due to brian singer leaving the project because of superman returns. The movie is hated by alot of x-men fans because it ruined alot of comic traditions and jean greys pheonix personality but like spiderman 3 the film didnt recieve negative reviews with a 58% score on rotten tomato's and metacritic. Delivering awsome action scene's and as always an awsome performance by Hugh Jackman.

4 : Batman forever

Ok I know you dont want to read on right about now but hey at least l didnt say batman and robin. When director joel shumacer took over for tim burton at the helm of batman we all noticed a difference between the directors with burton takeing a more dark version and shumacer adding a family freindly tone. This movie is critisised alot but not all of it was bad Val Kilmer was an impresive batman and it took a new batmobile wich was actually kind of awsome and lets not forget the revolutionary casting of jim carrey as the riddler and the introduction of dick grayson played by chris o donnel. Im not saying the film is great it just deserves more praise.

5 : Batman the movie (1960's)

Yes finnaly we have the infamous installment in the batverse filmed during a time when all superheros were treated like jokes this film is one of the reasons why but this film is really good under the circumstances with silly themes like batmans costume (at least he could move) and robins elf shoes following the smash hit tv show of the 1960's. Most modern batman fans would probably think what is this crap im supposed to be watching batman not the nonsense of batman not throwing a bomb at ducks this film is actually enjoyable and way more recommended then modern batman films. With Adam West and Burt ward fighting a colorful cast of villans such as ceaser romero's moustache the film is the most positivley recived film on this list getting 80% on rotten tomato's.

Well I hope you enjoyed my 2nd post to movie plot and be sure to check out my list on why 2004's the punisher is the best installment of the punisher I hope well meet again soon if theres anything you would like to suggest let me know.

Do you agree with me? Are these films underrated to you or action packed?


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