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Allegiant was a good book, I liked the series. I honestly felt like the movies took the beginnings of the books and the ends, and scrambled the middle all they wanted to. That's my opinion, however, and I must take a non-prejudiced stand with this article, because this movie series is very much a big part of it. None-the-less I thought of no better place to start the judgement than with the book being victimized.

Spoilers ahead:

OK, we had a love story, mixed with the answers to our questions that were not that satisfying, i.e. Four's whole divergent, or should I say partial divergent issues. But we had the answers that were satisfying like where the community came from and how it came to be the way it is now. But, I thought the beginning was a little less action packed than it could have been. It was a good read, but if you hadn't read the books the feedback wouldn't be all that great. The second half, however, promises to bring us to an exciting conclusion. Does this remind you of any other successful franchises that split there last book in two? Most recently we saw this with Mockingjay and Mockingjay part two. The same thing, slow and ending with an exciting conclusion. From how the movies ended, we are headed for a conflict between Tris and the evil government guy who is playing games with her, he wants to change the people as a whole to a better people by killing the failed 'experiments' as a symbol to others that they must change or die. I won't mention how that is similar to the other franchise I have dragged into this. But here's where it diverts, if you will. Mockingjay part 2 was part of the books, the books basically divided themselves in two and it succeeded, despite dividing the last book into two movies being the most annoying fad of all time. The Allegiant book had more of a pulse of exciting plot points through it, and god knows we don't want the ending we all know and hate to be strung out any longer than it was. (The Four chapters literally killed me.) But then again there are rumors of a different ending, and to tell you what it is is just to point to the ending of the Mockingjay book and change Katniss and Peeta's two kids to twins. Oh, by the way, spoiler alert. So lets recap, the book was good as a whole, but slow in parts. The ending was the high-light, probably the most prominent part you remember by far. With the script changes their making, does it really matter anyways? The hunger games did it, so why can't they? Or, maybe, it's just a desperate way to make more money.

I guess it was hard to come to a decision in the end. I know I compared it to the hunger games a lot, but I must give credit where credit is due. They successfully pulled off the most hated trick in the book and got away with it, that's one reason it's going to be harder for the divergent series to do the same thing.


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