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With today's digital release of [Justice League vs. Teen Titans](tag:3776197), DC fans get the chance to see the first time the Titans have had their own animated movie since the original Teen Titans: Trouble In Tokyo.

Action packed, beautifully animated, and with a strong cast and story to boot, Justice League vs. Teen Titans is a fun romp with our favorite group of teenage superheroes.

The movie revolves around Trigon, Raven's father, who is trying to return to the mortal world with the help of the recently formed Justice League. Knowing the Justice League's full might, Trigon possesses them to help bring in Raven so that he can return to his physical form. At this same time, Damian Wayne, Batman's son, and the newest Robin, is sent to Titan's Tower to learn about the values of teamwork with the Titans, who — in this iteration — consist of Beast Boy, Raven, Starfire, and Blue Beetle.

Now I'm not going to spoil the story for those who haven't watched it, but with a DC animated movie like this, there's bound to be a variety of fun Easter Eggs that nod to previous work, such as 2003's Teen Titans, and Young Justice!

So, without further ado, here are the top five Easter Eggs in Justice League vs. Teen Titans!!

5. 'Boo Yah'

Starfire decides to take the team for a night out to the carnival, where everyone seems to be enjoying themselves (even Damian). And in one scene, we see Jaime (Blue Beetle) and Garfield (Beast Boy) going head to head in a game of DDR. When Garfield eventually wins, he shouts the phrase "boo yah!" Hmm, now where have we heard this one before?

(Video courtesy of YouTube user xrockinrobin)

Oh yeah! It was Cyborg's catchphrase from the 2003 Teen Titans animated series! In that show, Cyborg was best friends with Beast Boy, so it's nice that there's some remnant of that relationship in this animated universe!

4. Beast Boy And The Genomorphs!

In the Season 1 run of Young Justice, the team initially encounters the Genomorphs, a group of weaponized clones developed by Cadmus Labs alongside the Superboy clone. This is what they looked like:

They look eerily familiar to Beast Boy's above transformation during a battle in Trigon's realm, don't they? The choice of this transformation must be a nod to Young Justice, as the studio that worked on YJ also animate all of DC's Animated Movies. Does this mean that this group of Titans has also encountered the Genomorphs at one point? Beast Boy can only transform into animals / creatures he's seen before, so this has to be canon!

3. Titans... It's Morphing Time?!

At the same carnival that Star Fire brings the Titans to, Raven gets attacked by a group of Trigon's emissaries, so Star Fire whips the team into action, shouting the battle cry "Titans go!"

And as she utters this charge, the members undergo a lengthy transformation sequence, reminiscent of Sailor Moon and the Power Rangers!

Talk about morphinomenal work! Looks like the Titan's have brushed up on their TV shows!

2. Raven's Forehead Diamond *Spoilers*

This will be the only spoiler Easter Egg, so read on if you dare. After defeating Trigon, Raven traps him in a shard and fixes it on her forehead so that she can keep an eye on him. At first while watching the movie, there was something off about Raven's design that I couldn't put my finger on, but then I remembered that in the 2003 Teen Titans series, she had already trapped Trigon.

This means that in this animated universe the Titan's are still a blossoming group and haven't grown into their full potential yet! Which means we may have another Titan's show on our hands. And if this weren't enough to convince you, the next Easter Egg should!


After the credits roll, we are treated to a view of Titan's Tower, where the team is presumed to be celebrating. And then in the distance, we get a faint view of a speck moving along the water.

And as the speck gets closer, we see that the speck is actually a moving rock...

And then we get a full blown view of Terra! Terra is a valued member of the Teen Titans, both in the comics and the 2003 run of the animated series, where she caused a lot of grief for the team. So, what does this mean about the future of the Teen Titans? It seems like they're going to be getting a long run with the new DC Animated Universe, given that they've given us the components of a new team! And some hype at what's to come with the introduction of Terra, and putting in Damian Robin instead of Dick Grayson, who's Nightwing at this point in time, means that this isn't the last we've seen of this teenage team with attitude.

It looks like the dawn of a new day, and a brand new Teen Titans team!

Tell me what you thought of the movie and the Easter Eggs in the comments section below!


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