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Let's all admit it, [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) was a decent movie, no matter what the critics say. Even if you hated it, you must admit that the action was great. Whether I was watching a chase scene, a fight scene or even just a scene with only dialogue, I consistently found myself at the edge of my seat - which is actually saying a lot.

About a month ago, it was revealed that an R-Rated director's cut will be coming out when the movie comes out on Blu-Ray and DVD. This will include much of the content that was either too lengthy for the theatrical version, or too dark and gritty to be in theaters.

This supercut will be around 30 minutes longer, which leads us to think about what we missed in the theatrical version. If it was really just a couple extra punches in fight scenes, it would not be able to add up to 30 minutes, would it?

While re-watching the movie, I suddenly spotted something that was likely cut from the theatrical version that we should see in the supercut...

Batman invading LexCorp

Shortly after the bombing of the capital at Superman's hearing, Lex Luthor arrives back at LexCorp to find that it was invaded by Batman, and that the Kryptonite was stolen. The building is in shambles, and there is fire everywhere.

So we know that Batman got in, but what we are all still asking is...

What the hell happened?

Those are a LOT of bullets...
Those are a LOT of bullets...

This scene may have been cut from the theatrical version because it was extraneous, or because it was too dark and gritty. We've seen Batman chase after criminals and break into abandoned warehouses before, but breaking into one of the most guarded buildings in all of Metropolis and burning it to shreds must have been an interesting sight to behold - and probably a gory sight too.

As we saw during the movie, this new version of Batman can be seriously brutal. The "no killing" rule is no longer in play, which leads to an even more violent fight. Based on the gadgets and the brutality we saw from 'Batfleck,' the invasion of LexCorp must have been seriously epic. I can't wait to see it in the supercut.

The Batwing
The Batwing

During this point in the movie, the Batmobile was no longer in play as it had been totaled by Superman the night before. So, unfortunately for Batman, he couldn't just crash right through the walls. And as cool as Batman is, I doubt he would have been willing to simply march right in. That leaves him with only one other tool - the Batwing!

We saw the Batwing later in the film, but was that really the only time it ever appeared? Based on the damage around LexCorp after the battle, it likely took some serious fire. The Batwing would explain how badly LexCorp was hit, as its machine guns tend to wreck everything in sight. Needless to say, he got the Kryptonite.

Sorry, Lex...
Sorry, Lex...

If it really was the Batwing (as it most likely was), then I am now super pumped for this supercut. Batman single-handedly taking on one of Metropolis's most guarded buildings is cool on its own, but add an enormous, flying jet and you have got me hooked.

If this scene is as cool as we picture it, then it most likely would not have been cut from the film to keep it short (because who would chop that scene?). Instead, we now must think that it was cut only because of the brutality of it all - which is something I, for one, would very like to see.

What do you think, though? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!


Will you be seeing the 'Batman v Superman' supercut?


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