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Well it only has been over a week that the immensely divisive 'Batman V Superman' hit theaters, and surprisingly it has already crossed the $500 million milestone in Global Box-Office.

But nevertheless, a vast majority of people still think that BvS is undeniably one of the worst superhero movie ever and are even comparing it to the infamous 'Daredevil' (C'mon man!).

But all this could possibly change beacause of this one fan theory. Well some fans (saviors), recently proposed a 'Joker' fan theory that could actually change our whole perception of BvS (for the record, not whole, but some).

So here it is:

So the suggestion is that Joker, played by Jared Leto in the upcoming 'Suicide Squad', used to be the Robin whose graffiti-strewn costume is seen in the batcave in BvS.

Ardent comic readers would undoubtedly point out that the second boy wonder, the not-so-popular 'Jason Todd' was actually murdered by Joker himself in the 1988 graphic novel 'A Death in The Family'.Then why would Snyder flip the script so as to make Todd the new 'Joker'?

Fans have clearly pointed out that a pic of a topless, tattooed Jared in character showed scars on both the left and right shoulders- in precisely the position of the injury holes in the Robin costume. Joker also sports a "J" tattoo on his upper chest, perhaps suggesting his past life ( Well it could also stand for Joker).

Well if this all sounds a bit far-fetched there is a comic-book exemplar for Todd and Joker (sort of) sharing the same identity.

This theory would also explain as to why Batman has detached from his moral code of 'no killing' in BvS and why he no longer hesitates to finish off the scums of Gotham. This would also shed some light on why he became so unhinged that he believed Superman is a threat and believed that he had to be taken down.

If you pay close attention, at one point Ben Affleck (Batman) tells Alfred, "Twenty years in Gotham. How many good guys are left? How many stayed that way?"

Well this line makes perfect sense if Batman's greatest nemesis used to be his closest comrade.

What do you think?


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