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Don't worry I did to. Many people don't know this but before Dark Knight Rises was released into theaters, WB confirmed that Deadshot and Black Mask were going to be in Dark Knight Rises as villains. People eventually forgot overtime but I am here to ask.... where were they?


No not the guy in the mask (Bane), his second hand man Barsad. Barsad is not Deadshot's name in the comics but this might be a way of Christopher Nolan's take on the character. We already know Deadshot was to be confirmed in the movie and Barsad makes perfect sense. This character would be much different from the comic version but it is a movie after all. In the film, Barsad is always next to Bane and always has his fire arm on him. He is always shown wearing a red scarf and bulletproof vest. Fans have decided that this is Deadshot due to how much screen time this "goon" has and how important he is to Bane. Why would Bane have so much interest in this man, especially since his character was made just for this movie by Nolan? Barsad is pretty likely Deadshot so who plays Black Mask?

Black Mask

Still no one has any clue at where Black Mask could be in The Dark Knight Rises. Before the film was released many people held the theory that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was going to play Black Mask. Obviously after viewing the film we found out that he played Robin. The next mission is for you; the reader, to dissect this film and find Black Mask....and Deadshot if this theory is wrong. Let's do this thing!

Is Barsad actually Deadshot? Where is Black Mask? Did Warner Brothers lie to everyone way back in 2012? Nostalgic for Bale?

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