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After the great anticipation that is Batman V Superman was released last Friday, I'm able to say I've finally got to watch it today. It was a good movie overall, but I have a few comments regarding it.

The acting:

Hey all you Ben Affleck haters, JOKES ON YOU. Ben Affleck delivered perfectly as Bruce Wayne. All you had to do was give the guy a chance, not sign around petitions to get him removed (smh, remember that craziness a few years ago?) He was phenomenal and he just came at it so naturally, proud of you Ben. Henry Cavill, beautiful as ever was great on his part as well. The acting was great on Amy, Jesse and Gal's part as well. The casting was on point!

The directing:

Mm, this is where I got a little wary. Oh Zack Snyder, hate to admit this but I actually ended up with a weird headache after the movie. The way the scenes were shifting to one point to another especially in the intense fight scene between Batman and Superman felt a little messy, to say the least. It could have been crafted a little better, didn't feel as concrete and steady as it should be. I don't know if it's only me that feels that way, but I do. Could have been better. And the editing as well.


I thought it was a decent storyline but felt a bit dragged. That plot twist with Bruce's and Clark's mother sharing the same name...WOWZER! Also, the ending sort of kinda broke my heart? I don't know if I can for sure feel like that it was true. But definitely another plot twist for me. I loved how we got a special cameo of the other DC figures such as The Flash, and Aquaman! That definitely gave us some more anticipation of what's to come. And obviously, this movie was more of a stepping stone in introducing the Justice League movies. COOL.

Some other thoughts:

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor was hypnotic. BUT, I felt like as the movie was going his personality and script leaned towards more of the Joker rather than the psychotic supervillian, Lex Luthor. It was pushed over a little bit and I was just asking myself, "When is that going to stop?"

Diane Prince- WONDER WOMAN. Okay, where was she like 90% of the time? Someone on Facebook wrote "Pretty much all of Wonder Woman's scenes in the movie are in the trailer" WHY WAS THAT STATEMENT SO TRUE? She had like 5-10 minutes of screen time and within those minutes, she was amazing! I needed more scenes of Wonder Woman!

Lois Lane- She was great but I thought she had way more screen time than she should have. Would have been better it Wonder Woman has as much as she did. Lois, you're awesome and all, but we didn't need all of that.

Some other extra thoughts:

Henry Cavill's face is beautiful crafted to make any fangirl swoon. Ben Affleck is hunk for life. That is all.


What did you think of the movie? I'd love to know more of other people's opinions too!


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