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It's the casting choice we have all been waiting to hear and it finally comes out today by Arnold himself. He was recently interviewed by a blog about what his future in cinema is and he let it out. The former body builder, governor, and actor went on to say that he was delighted to enter the superhero genre once again. If you aren't aware he was Mr. Freeze in the very campy Batman & Robin so he felt he needed redemption.

Of course there is no bigger redemption for his role as Mr. Freeze than playing the biggest DC villain in this gritty new world Warner Bros has built. Here is what Arnold had to say exactly.

It was something that I always thought about ever since Batman and Robin and I saw the feedback it got. I always wanted to come back to the superhero genre but was only waiting for the right time to do so. One day I got a call about this big role for the Justice League movie and then I knew it was the right time to get back into the game.

It seems Arnold was waiting to play the biggest bad of them all for the Justice League. He also might have been waiting for a role with DC maybe wanting something on the grittier side of things. This wouldn't be surprise to me considering he did in fact play one of the campiest characters ever! We can only wait and see how Arnold will handle playing Darkseid once Justice League comes out!


What Do You Think Of Arnold As Darkseid?


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