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Deleted Scene from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, featuring Lex Luthor.

The released deleted scene from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice reveals Lex Luthor within Zod's crashed ship, still learning from the technology within it. Luthor is standing inside of the Resurrection Cradle, looking at this unidentified horned creature. First of all, what Lex Luthor is looking at needs to be broken down. The horned creature will be explained later but the nature of the scene hasn't been interpreted as what it truly was because not all the relevant facts in the scene were given credit.

Hidden meaning in the deleted scene, Communion.

When the camera pans up on to Lex Luthor looking on at the creature in the Resurrection Cradle, there's more in front of him than just the Mother Boxes and the mysterious creature. Above them, there are orbs spinning in a specific motion. And the directory of Zod's ship can be seen floating in the background as well. The orbs above the creature and the Mother Boxes are representations of either stores of knowledge or specific alien worlds. Those orbs are used to represent something because the horned creature in the Resurrection Cradle isn't transporting anything to Earth, nor is he a creature. The individual we see standing in the Resurrection Cradle is that of the New God, Yuga Khan. He's also the father of Darkseid, and the patriarch of their Khan family. Lex Luthor is looking on at Yuga Khan in the Resurrection Cradle for a specific reason. The New God, Yuga Khan is explaining the properties of the universe to Lex through the stored knowledge on Zod's ship. It was already established through the Directory of Zod's ship that there is a storage of over 100,000 worlds in the Kryptonian Archive aboard the ship. With that fact being noted, it is likely that the vast storage of knowledge above the ship originated from the planet New Genesis, and could have been a creation of New God, Yuga Khan. That would explain why the 'creature' we see is conversing with Lex Luthor, teaching him of the universe(i.e. New Genesis, New Gods, Apokolips, Darkseid). However, Yuga Khan's image was of note as well. Yuga Khan shares similar facial characteristics with Darkseid, which is still of a humanoid form. While Yuga Khan appears to look like a creature in the deleted scene, his image is portrayed in such a way because the image is simply a figure in the shape that Yuga Khan's figure is of, not of great detail of his image. (pictured below) However, the one key similarity between Yuga Khan in DC' Comics and the unidentified figure in the video(seen above) is the chest plated armor. If you look closely at the picture below, you can see that the armor appears to be as an exterior shell to Yuga Khan's form. And the unidentified figure(pictured above)clearly has a similar design of scales that only covers the chest and shoulders just as Yuga Khan(pictured below) has a similarly shaped armor over his upper body. As well as accounting for there not being many visual interpretations of Yuga Khan in DC' Comics or any other medium, the unidentified figure seen in the deleted scene from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice shares too many similarities with Yuga Khan to not be an adaptation of the character.

Yuga Khan, DC Comics
Yuga Khan, DC Comics

New God, Yuga Khan makes appearance in deleted scene

As you can see, Yuga Khan has humanoid characteristics and wears a horned helmet resembling the skull of the creature in the deleted scene for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The resemblance between the two is uncanny, and Yuga Khan appears in this primal form during the scene because it is Zack Snyder's interpretation of what Yuga Khan would look like in the DC' Expanded Universe, or as previously stated, the image of Yuga Khan in the Resurrection Cradle is not an exact copy of who he is, simply a representation of what the Kryptonian archive believes he looked like when the data was placed in the archive; his appearance could have changed in that time. Yuga Khan could even be dead by the time the DC' Expanded Universe starts to explore the New Gods, Darkseid, and the Fourth World, however Yuga Khan's presence may still be known if he's used as a tool in teaching people like Lex Luthor of the universe, specifically of the power of the New Gods on New Genesis. New God, Yuga Khan is one of the originial New Gods in DC' Comics, it would be fitting for him to be utilized in the DC' Expanded Universe as a teacher of knowledge when his knowledge could extend past ages of time that no one else has memory of. Aside from the speculation, the real piece of information that decodes this deleted scene is hidden among the Resurrection Cradle that Lex Luthor is standing in. Whatever the creature Lex is looking at is irrelevant. But the creature, the Mother Boxes, and the orbs floating above Lex all consist of the same grey hue in color. They all share this color because they are formed of the same free-forming material within Zod's ships that is used to create text and shapes interpreted by Kryptonians. Luthor is using the technology to learn of the knowledge stored in the archives. He doesn't have the necessary translator to learn of all the knowledge in their origin language which would be cause for a visual representation to be necessary for Luthor to understand the vast amount of stored information. Zod's ship has a floating AI which is a small futuristic robot that floats around the ship, providing assistance to whoever the commandeer is. And Luthor was in command of the ship once he was prompted by the AI of Zod's ship to retain command of the ship; which is where the knowledge of the 100,000 worlds is revealed to Lex Luthor in dialogue. Back to the images Luthor is looking at. That free-forming matter which is explaining the knowledge of the universe to Luthor dissipates when the SWAT team arrives to apprehend Luthor. It may have not been purposely done but Luthor could possibly have some degree of mental synchronicity to where he could command the matter to dissipate, removing the possibility of someone else learning of what he's learned.

Nothing else can be decoded from the deleted scene, we'll just have to wait until the extended cut of the film is released on Blu-ray and On-Demand so that we can see all the exclusive content, not seen in cinemas. There's bound to be some content in the extended cut and other deleted scenes which will once again spark fan interest. For now, we just have to wait until we get another tease from DC'.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is currently playing in cinemas everywhere.


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