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Jarrett Rives

So I was watching Dredd last night I realized that there are movies that are getting rebooted that don't need to be rebooted. There are movies out there that need rebooted because they didn't get there shine or just weren't done right so lets take a look.

#1 Creature of the Black Lagoon- This needs to redone just because I love monster movies and a lot of people love them two. Plus they have already redone Dracula, Wolfman, and even The Mummy is getting a new one and Frankenstein. So it would help to remake this one because then we would have the whole team. They could even bank on putting them all in one movie.

#2 War of the Worlds- I know what your thinking why this one, well because it is a cult classic that needs a decent reboot. I was not a fan of the Tom Cruise reboot it felt like it tired to hard, it doesn't need to the story and the following are there just need to pull it off. All they would need is a good cast and a really good director, plus a decent person to do the cgi.

#3 Mom and Dad save the World- This is a good movie at least I thought so, It would make a great comedy to see in the now. It is a good movie to watch if you want a couple of laughs, The story its self is just hilarious the movie would need an overhaul but it would be worth it.

#4 Maximum Overdrive- This was a movie that in my opinion didn't get tis lime light, I would recommend you watch it is a good movie. Now it does have its flaws but it is one of those cheesy movie but it also has its moments. I think this movie could work in this age of Technology, I think this would give us a new perspective to our problems.

#5 Revenge of the Nerds- I like the idea of this making a come back In the modern age, this movie could make us comic guys and nerds who are still made fun of feel normal. Well not normal but better plus the pranks and shenanigans would make for one hell of a movie. Plus you could have a ton of cameos of comic gods and nerd icons.

Well those are my picks for movie we need for the modern age, please comment your picks of movies we need. Would love to hear some feedback.


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