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I know, I know. With barely enough information being released about Nintendo's long awaited Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon to whet our appetites it's super tempting to read into every little rumor and supposed leak about the upcoming Gen VII games.

But this is the internet; for the web is dark and full of terrors, but here we are to burn them all away. Let's breakdown the fake leaks we've seen so far.

Fake Water Starter

A mere few days after the initial Pokémon Sun and Moon announcement the first high profile set of fakes started circulating with a supposed leak of the water-type starter Pokémon. This one surfaced via 4chan from an anonymous source (in a thread which has now been deleted), along with another "leaked" scan from CoroCoro Magazine featuring the same starter.

Naturally this got people pretty excited, especially given the convincing nature of the design - a water bird which would not look out of place in a Pokémon game. But the anonymous 4chan user who first posted the images later came out to say that they were in fact fakes.

Even More Starters & Playable Characters

Then a couple of weeks back more fake CoroCoro scans started getting traction online, via Twitter this time, seemingly featuring a sneak peek at the DS box covers, a legendary tease and a reveal of the male and female playable characters from the Japanese upcoming games.

These pages also featured the three starter Pokémon from Sun and Moon, and they looked pretty damn fuzzy, with a goat like Grass type, a bear like Fire type and a lizard like Water type (below). Those legendaries silhouetted on the above boxes looked really interesting too...

Unfortunately the scans did turn out in fact to be fake, so be aware of more scans of these type circulating in the run up to official Nintendo announcements.

Nuevo Pokémon!

The most recent, and perhaps least believable, is this little beauty which also emerged on Twitter via @pokemon_mexico a few days back being touted as a brand new Pokémon.

Appearing to look like a grass type Pokémon with a design based on the Australian animals held as loveable and cuddly the world over, this new Pokémon appeared on an unofficial Pokémon Sun Mexico Twitter account, but was quickly removed.

Not quickly enough though, as screen-caps then began circulating on Twitter and other internet forums. But still it's a pretty obvious fake; the account is unofficial and has fewer followers than your average Twitter user, the Spanish is filled with glaring grammatical errors and - if all that wasn't enough - a user on a NeoGAF thread pointed out that the design is actually a generic koala sewing pattern which can be found online.

Shame, for a moment we had hopes of an Australia based region, filled with plenty of Pokémon and creepy crawlies out to get you. Actually on second thoughts, scrap that idea, we've got nightmare fuel enough with that mythical Magerna design...

Seen any fake scans or leaks pertaining to 'Pokémon Sun' and 'Pokémon Moon' floating about? Tell us in the comments below!


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