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It's impossible to miss the high tensions between critics and fans over DC's epic juggernaut Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

However, whatever anyone might say, we've all got to admit — Warner Bros. must be rather overjoyed with the pretty penny it has raked in with its latest blockbuster. Despite its, quite frankly dismal, performance on Rotten Tomatoes (a struggling 29% at that!), the movie has continued to fight against the current of low-rated movies doing badly at the box office.

Just hours ago, Batman v Superman was announced to have netted over half a billion dollars. Remind yourself of why with the trailer below:

A couple of days ago, Warner Bros. executive vice president of theatrical distribution Jeff Goldstein has some defensive words to say about the commotion surrounding the negative reviews. And now, he's spoken once more to to relay the overwhelm the entire studio is feeling in light of the impressive box office numbers.

In reference to the fact that Batman v Superman has smashed The Avengers out of the ball park in its rapid succession to becoming the highest-grossing global superhero movie debut of all time. Goldstein admitted:

“That’s about $100 million more than we thought we’d ever get. I can’t believe we hit a number that large.”

And harking back to the critics, he reiterated his previous stance:

"Some critics were unduly harsh. But there’s no question the audiences felt differently. They made up their mind and voted with their feet. So there is a disconnect between what the audiences felt and the critics wrote.”

Most interestingly however, Goldstein estimated that 5% to 10% of box office takings over the Easter weekend were courtesy of repeat business. He said:

“You can’t gross this kind of business without people coming back. The math isn’t there."

And in fact, the figures on movie website Fandango are even more optimistic. To be more specific, the company's vice president of communications Dana Henry Benson argued that:

“Fandango is seeing 30% more repeat business for Batman v Superman than the company sees for a typical blockbuster and sales for the movie continue to be strong today.”

So, whatever strong opinion you might harbor over DC's latest offering, you've got to admit — a huge pat on the back is well deserved as those numbers are sensational.

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