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The digital edition of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens was just released today, and the Blu-ray is coming April 5. It includes a plethora of sweet details, behind-the-scenes secrets, interviews and of course, deleted scenes.

We've caught a first glimpse of these scenes that didn't make the cut in the in-house trailer, and now here's what you're going to find, from Kylo Ren inspecting Han Solo's ship to Rey wearing Poe's jacket while riding a snow speeder.

1. Kylo Ren Searches The Millenium Falcon

Before confronting his father on the tiny walkway of the Starkiller Base, Kylo Ren first found his ship crashed in the snow.

2. Finn Spares A Villager

We know that Finn realized he was not meant to be a Stormtrooper when he was ordered to kill a group of villagers on Jakku, but this scene adds emotional power as he comes face-to-face with a young mother, who stares at him in tears until he lowers his weapon.

3. The Resistance Receives A Message From Jakku

This scene shows the Resistance when they learn about the First Order's attack on Jakku, including the fact that BB-8 hasn't been spotted. But General Leia Organa insists they should be "smarter" than warning the Republic, showing the lack of trust that exists between the Resistance and the Republic.

4. Rey Worries For Finn

It's a short scene of a Resistance member reassuring Rey that Finn will be fine, at the end of the movie when he got badly injured. It's a sweet addition to the signs of the strong bond that exists between them.

5. Rey And Finn Are Chased In A Snow Speeder

We see Rey and Finn getting chased on the Starkiller Base, with Rey wearing Poe's jacket and Finn taking the gun from her to shoot at their opponents.

6. The X-Wings Reach Lightspeed

We briefly get to see the X-Wing pilots getting ready for lightspeed, as they fly to the rescue of Rey, Finn, Han and Chewie after they were attacked at Maz's castle.

All in all, no major plot changes or twists, but these kind of shots always perfectly complete the plot. Make sure to get your hands on the DVD if you want to see the whole scenes!

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