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For those among you who felt Batman v Superman's 2.5 hour running time wasn't enough to experience their super quarrel in the dragged-out splendor it arguably deserved, then you are in for a treat.

*Small 'BvS' spoiler ahead*

In Zack Snyder's directors cut for Blu-ray and DVD, fans will be treated to an extra 30 minutes of footage which will extend certain scenes allowing us a more in-depth analysis of character progression.

Discussing the details with Empire in their latest film podcast, Snyder spoke of expanding Batman's knightmare of a Superman ruled Earth in order to further explain Flash's appearance.

He said:

"Well I mean, let's just say this. I think it's okay to look at the extended dream sequence as an impressionistic view of a possible future right? So, and that's not hard to, that's in the sequence, so I'm not like spoiling anything or making up anything that you didn't see. So the connection with Flash, the Flash part of that sequence, you can speculate if, whether or not Flash is coming from that reality or another one, but that's the fun stuff to try and figure out exactly what Flash is saying to Bruce and what he means, because it's all, we know, so it's not, we're not making it up."

You can listen to the interview — which, at 2 hours, is nearly as long as the actual movie — in the SoundCloud clip below. But, be warned, it contains HUGE 'BvS' Spoilers.

Which 'BvS' scenes would you like to see extended in the directors cut?

Source: Empire


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