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The quality of TV shows continues to rival the big-screen and its appeal grows exponentially as each year goes by. And, as a nation obsessed with TV dramas, rarely does something beat the pillow-chewing anxiety given by highly tense, yet often highly formulaic, medical shows.

But who, and why, when considering how much stress these programs can put us under, do these shows appeal to the most?

A study conducted by Bay Alarm Medical named 'America’s Medical Media,' explores these questions and additionally looks at their appeal to young professionals within the medical industry.

The findings are as follows:

1. 'The Facebook Diagnosis'

Looking at the most iconic medical TV shows, Hugh Laurie’s House ranks in at number with 40.7 million Facebook likes, followed by Grey’s Anatomy with 21.8 and Scrubs with 11.8.

2. 'The Gender Breakdown'

Turning to Facebook Audience Insights, the study discovered that an overwhelming proportion of the Facebook followers are female.

3. 'Inside the Industry'

According to their research the team were able to see the estimated range of each shows monthly audience among health care professionals, doctors, nurses, technicians, etc. It seems Dr House gets their vote!

4. 'Reviews Get Real'

They then combined these findings with the shows IMDB ratings to find out how the shows deliver overall. Again, House tops the list.

5. 'Searching for Shows'

Last but not least, the study discovered which shows are the most searched for on Google using data spreading over the last 12 years.

The researchers write,

Let’s be clear, the zeros you find listed for the bottom three shows don’t mean absolutely no one’s searching for them. Rather, that metric refers to search volume relative to searches for House, a scale on which their searches don’t register. Don’t worry, we isolated searches for House to the T.V. show so that we didn’t incorporate data pertaining to searches of the general term “House.” Ditto for General Hospital and ER – no searches for real medical institutions were accounted for in this list.

You can read their findings in full over at the Bay Alarm Medical website.

What's your favorite medical TV drama?

Source: Bay Alarm Medical


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