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(Warning: mild potential SPOILERS for future DC television shows and movies may lie below - largely to do with where a certain actor looks set to turn up, and who he might be playing. Proceed with whatever level of caution that suggests is wise...)

Now, with the burgeoning DC Extended Universe soon set to introduce a whole host of classic DC characters to the big screen, and the company's television offerings already spanning Networks, dimensions and centuries, it's perhaps surprising that, when it comes to who we'd most like to see next, pretty much every DC fan you care to ask will likely give you the same answer: Booster Gold.

After all, the fan-favorite time-traveler from the 25th century has long-since won the hearts of comic-book fans, and in a world of sad Batmen, he's become something of a totem for those missing the 'good ol days' of lighter, more humor-filled superhero stories. Alternatively, if you're already watching those sort of stories be done fantastically well on The CW, he's far and away the most obvious next step. Which makes it fortunate that...

It Seems Booster Gold Might Finally Be Coming To Our Screens

That, at least, is the most obvious (albeit somewhat chasm-spanning) leap to take from the latest news to emerge from Entertainment Weekly, which is reporting that Patrick J. Adams, of Suits fame, is set to appear as a "fun character the fans will love" in the increasingly imminent season finale of DC and The CW's Legends of Tomorrow.

Which, with the show being largely defined by its time-traveling nature - and the final episode being named 'Legendary' - has been widely assumed to mean that Adams will be playing Booster Gold.

Which, if true, would be fantastic news - especially since Adams is also reportedly set to appear in the first episode of Season 2, with the potential for more appearances down the line.

The only problem? Adams isn't necessarily playing Booster Gold - with TVLine, for one, already reporting that he definitely isn't. If not, then, could we see Adams suit up as Ted 'Blue Beetle' Kord?

Perhaps with a surprise Nathan Fillion cameo as Booster Gold (Kord's long-time comic-book partner), setting up a ridiculously geek-tastic season 2?

Here's hoping...

What do you reckon, though?


Who would you like to see Adams play in Legends of Tomorrow?

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