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We all know that the Star Wars set reduced filmmaker Kevin Smith to tears, but thanks to a bonus feature on the upcoming Blu-ray release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we can now find out how John Boyega (Finn) reacted when he boarded the Millennium Falcon for the very first time.

In a clip provided exclusively to The Wall Street Journal, we can see that Boyega is just as big a Star Wars geek as many of his fans as he runs up the ramp and starts picking up props with delight. Before he even climbs on board, he exclaims:

"Oh my gosh, I'm literally shaking. This is insane!"

He goes on to explain in more detail how extraordinary the whole experience really was:

"I remember running up the ramp just giggling. I went through that whole place messing it all up and all the props people and the guys on set were just kind of like, 'Okay, can you control him?' because I started running. I went to the cockpit, and you know that little ball thing, the jedi training ball, I got that out and started rolling that around. It was so fun."

And who can blame him?! A trip aboard the Millennium Falcon is a dream come true for any fan of the franchise. First featured in 1977's original Star Wars movie, the Corellian spacecraft hadn't been used since Return of the Jedi when it narrowly escaped being blown up in the Battle of Endor. Watch the preview clip below:

You can watch the full clip on The Force Awakens Blu-ray, which will also include an in-depth documentary about the making of the movie, a look at how the crew created the droid BB-8, deleted scenes and more. Following today's VOD release, the Blu-ray edition will be available on April 5.

How would you react aboard the Millennium Falcon?

Source: Wall Street Journal


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